Study and exam consultation

Suitable contact partners are available to you for your questions in all aspects of your studies. You can find them here. Are you unsure about what contact is right for you, or you have a complex question? Please contact the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Chemistry.

Contact for students in chemistry:
Dean's Office of the Faculty of Chemistry

Contact for teacher training students (two-subject Bachelor in chemistry and Master of Education):
Dr. Regine Herbst Irmer,; Tel: 0551/39-33007

Contact for students in material sciences:
Judith Steinhoff
Information on the website for material sciences

Contact for students in biochemistry:
Michaela Deutinger
Information on the website for biochemistry

Contact for exam issues:
Mathematics and sciences examination office

Contact for students in medicine:
Prof. Dr. Claudia Steinem,; Tel: 0551/39-33294