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Admission requirements for the Single and Joint Honours MA "Classical Archaeology" (78/ 42 C)

  • B.A. degree or equivalent degree
  • Verification is required for
    a) Academic achievement in Ancient Civilizations (Ancient History, Pre and Early History, Classical Philology, Egyptology, Ancient Oriental Studies, Late Classic Period) or Cultural Sciences (Ethnology, Cultural Anthropology) totalling at least 60 credit, including knowledge in the field of Classic Archaeology totalling 40 credits, or
    b) Academic achievement in Image Studies (Art History) or History of Architecture totalling at least 60 credits, including at least 40 credits in the field of Classical Archaeology.

Language requirements:

  • Reading skills in modern foreign languages (English, French, Italian) are recommended.
  • Evidence of Latinum ('Kleines Latinum') and Graecum (4 C) must be submitted by the admission to the master's thesis.
  • Special language requirements for the admission to the Single Honours MA comprising 78 C (Double Degree): Sufficient Italian language skills on level B1 of the CEFR (verification required by the end of the first semester of study at the latest).