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Classical Archaeology (M.A.) - with double-degree option

Subject name: Classical Archaeology
Degree: Master of Arts (M.A.)
Standard period of study: 4 semesters
Start: Winter semester and summer semester
Degree programme options: Single Honours MA in Classical Archaeology as Double Degree with the University of Palermo (78 C); Joint Honours MA in Classical Archaeology (42 C); Classical Archaeology as MA minor subjects (36 C/18 C)
Admission requirements for Single and Joint Honours MA: Overview
Language requirements: Language skills in modern foreign languages are recommended. Evidence of Latinum and Graecum must be submitted by the admission to the master's thesis.
Entrance requirements for module packages: Overview
Note for international applicants: For the enrolment at the Faculty of Humanities certified proficiency in German language is required!
Application: application procedure (application to the faculty of humanities)
Language of the programme: German

Programme description
The programme conveys analytical skills in the scientific treatment of archaeological findings and pictorial works, especially visual competencies and a conscience for the medial characteristics of historical sources. The programme aims to convey in-depth knowledge of the material and pictorial tradition of the ancient Mediterranean cultures as well as knowledge of their contacts with neighbouring cultures.

Programme struture
Students must earn at least 120 credits, 42 of them in the subject-scientific area of the programme and 30 credits with the Master's thesis. Further 12 credits are earned in an area of professionalisation. The subject may only be studied in combination with another permissible subject, but most suitable are the closely related module packets totalling 36 credits or with two permissible module packets from another subject (worth 18 credits each). The subject-scientific course of study is comprised of the in-depth modules offered at the Institute as well as one module with which an individual profile is formed.

Research foci in Göttingen
The Göttingen Master's programme “Classical Archaeology” is characterized by its emphasis on cultural-scientific issues. Concentration is placed on the methodical, reflected connection of the practical archaeological anaylsis of exemplary findings and a contextual emphasis on historical syntheses formation. Students will acquire skills enabling them to critically receive historical explanation models, independently develop syntheses of complex historical and social issues and to adequately render these.
Benefitting from the Institute's collections, especially the collection of plaster castings (with over 2000 objects on of the largest of its kind worldwide), a traditional research focus in Göttingen is antique sculpture, with a special concentration on Greek and Roman portraits. ,
Additional research foci lie in the area of the archaeology of southern Italy, ancient burial cultures and the archaeological history of science.

Double degree in cooperation with the University of Palermo
In this double degree programme, the consecutive Master's degree programme in Classical Archaeology will be studied as a mono Master's course to the extent of 78 credits. Students will complete the second semester of this two-year degree programme at the Università degli Studi di Palermo (Italy). Up to five students per year can take part in the double degree programme. A good command of Italian (B1) is a prerequisite.

Occupational fields
The qualification profile of the graduates gives them immediate access to occupational fields such as in museums, in the preservation of historical monuments, youth and adult education, culture and educational management, publishing houses, press, new media, diplomatic institutions, international organisations etc. The programme also gives graduates the requirements they need to further qualify themselves in the field of archeological research and teaching within the framework of doctoral studies.