PDF forms

On this page you can find all GFA forms. The list is organised chronologically and follows the steps of your doctoral studies. If there is no separate notice in the declaration text, the forms must be submitted to the Central Office of the GFA.

  • Declaration according to GFA-doctoral degree regulations § 6

    You have to sign and upload this document to the online portal when applying.

  • Nomination of thesis committee + Supervision agreement

    Please use this form to nominate members for your thesis committee for approval by the graduate committee. The form also includes the supervision agreement between you and your supervisors which only comes into effect once the graduate committee has approved your nominations. You should file this form with the GFA office no later than two months after your admission.

  • Minutes for the thesis committee meeting

    You can find a form for the minutes of your thesis committee meetings in the Guidelines section.

  • Application for transfer of courses

    At the Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology you will need this form to have modules/courses transferred to your degree in the form of credits. You can submit this form directly to Ms Jutta Hohlstamm.

    For the recognition of the courses PAG.0093 - 0096 separat forms are provided.

  • Application for admission to the doctoral examination

    For completing your PhD studies, you have to submit the form "Application for doctoral examination". Please upload your signed confirmation according to § 12 of the doctoral degree regulations with the form. In the Please be aware of specific time frames for proceeding depending on your faculty.

  • Correction slip

    You can fill in the correction slip and submit it to your first supervisor for her/his signature. This form is only required by doctoral candidates in Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology or Wood Biology and Wood Technology. PAG students receive a prefilled copy at the Examination Office for Agricultural Sciences.