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FAQ: Frequently asked questions

May I return the routing slip to HR development before termination of the last mandatory module?
You are invited to contact us beforehand in order to get advice on adequate combination of modules in order to receive the certificate.

What means UE?
UE stands for a lesson unit measuring 45 minutes.

How many UE takes a training event?
Amount of UE is reveiled on documents; either the training announcement or proof of participation.
Leave open space on the routing slip for our revision, if it is not clear.

Where can be found the event number which shall be filled in?
You can find the event number on the current annual qualification program (for ex. 2.04, 9.03.1 or 10.5). Via the keyboard command Strg F and the entry of keywords, you can find the required event faster. The event number is also part of the invitation you will receive 1 week prior to the event by e-mail. If the latest proof on participation was issued in the past year and you cannot find an equivalent training including event number in the current program, please contact us.

May I have the organizers (HR development) recognise courses from the qualification program which I have attended in the past?
YES, if participation took place during the past 2 years and courses match requirements of a certain module.

If a certain training event is not assigned to a module by default - will performance be recognized?
It can be. Please consult us. We will check it.

May I have training events recognised for my certification program, which I have not passed at University Göttingen?
We can check that upon delivery of a certificate / proof of attendance.

May I pass more training events than the required minimum number of 18?
YES, you can have us testify more than the minimum number of 18 UE per module in the certificate to be awarded.

Is participation voluntary or mandatory?
Participation in the certification program is volontary and granted upon enrolments and delivery of the routing slip at HR development (Section 53).

When will I receive the certificate?
HR development will inform you as soon as you have met all requirements. The certificate will be awarded by representants of the presidium. Personal invitations are being submitted in a timely manner by E-mail.

If you have any more questions, ideas and suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us!