E-learning in figures

This FactBeat offers you interesting up-to-date data and facts from the world of e-learning. These figures, data and facts can also be found in our newsletter, which informs you about various current topics on a regular basis.

FactBeat_91148Files in Stud.IP in Wintersemester 17/18
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FactBeat_5... educational clips were created by psychology students.
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FactBeat_1The first e-learning course in the field of digital competences deals with the topic of Open Educational Resources (OER).
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FactBeat_22000Number of all students, who voted using mVote in the year 2016.
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FactBeat_632… participants were part of the biggest e-exam so far at the University of Göttingen!
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FactBeat_1036045Number of uploaded files in Stud.IP.
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FactBeat_42...simultaneous audio recordings were made in the e-examination room with our special software REAR during the “oral expression “ part of the TestDaF exam. (09/2016)

FactBeat_28… undergraduate degree programs use the electronic student file (Elektronische Studierendenakte: ESA) to manage application, admission and enrolment of students since this semester. (06/2016)
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FactBeat_35270… users worked with Stud.IP during the winter semester!
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FactBeat_823605… files are currently in Stud.IP!
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FactBeat_78…lecture halls and seminar rooms are equipped with new (interactive) media technology!
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FactBeat_30000Number of logins on Stud.IP on the first day of the lecture period!
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Maximum number of logins to Stud.IP per day in April 2018
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