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Reimbursement of semester fees

Under certain conditions, you can claim a refund of semester fees already paid in full or in part. An application for a refund of an excess payment must invariably be submitted in writing.

Please note:
For transfers outside of SEPA countries, fees will be charged by the banks involved. These fees are to be paid by the payee. Only the amount minus all applicable fees will be refunded to you.

If you exmatriculate before the start of the semester or within one month from the beginning of the lecture period, you are entitled to a refund of the semester fee in full. The Student ID Card has to be presented to the Registrar´s Office within the deadline for a full refund. Please take care when sending in your ID Card. We have to receive it before the end of the deadline. You can use an online form when exmatriculating.

Your credit balance for the Student Services catering facilities of Studentenwerk Göttingen can be cashed on presentation of your chip card at the infobox in the central cafeteria of Studentenwerk Göttingen.

If you start your first course of studies at Göttingen University, you are still free to cancel your enrolment before the start of the semester or within one month after the beginning of lectures.

In that case, the degree programme for which you have enrolled here in Göttingen is deemed not taken up. If you subsequently enrol again at any university, you are not under obligation to furnish supporting evidence. This also applies to universities other than Göttingen University.

Please submit an informal application in writing to cancel your enrolment. Please submit your application for refund of the semester fee together with your student ID (chip card), if already issued, parallel to the cancellation of your enrolment, to Göttingen University, e.g. via email at

If you take leave of absence, you are entitled to apply for a refund of the semester fee for the relevant semester. However, should it be possible for you to make use of the Student Services (Studentenwerk) services and facilities (e.g. visits to the cafeteria, student residence) during your leave of absence, the Student Services fee will be retained.

If you change into an advanced degree programme (especially doctoral studies), the obligation to pay tuition fees for long-term students may be cancelled. You will then be entitled to apply for a refund of tuition fees for long-term students already paid for the relevant semester.

The prerequisite for a refund to Master's degree students is final enrolment in your new degree programme.

If one of the reasons for exemption applies to you, please submit your application for refund and the necessary documentary evidence online. The application for exemption must normally be lodged anew within the re-registration period for every new semester.

International students and doctoral students who are recipients of a recognized scholarship are not obliged to pay the administrative fee. A scholarship for international students is deemed recognized if it is financed mostly by public funding from the German Federal Government or a German state government.

A scholarship for doctoral studies must be 100% financed by (German) public funding. Please submit relevant documentary evidence (e.g. scholarship agreement) and your application for refund together with your informal application for exemption. If your scholarship is extended, you are required to submit a new informal application for exemption within the re-registration period.