Welcome to the website of the Equal Opportunities Team of the Faculty of Geoscience and Geography

As an Equal Opportunity Team, we represent the University's Equal Opportunity Officer and support her in fulfilling the legal equality mandate. Our goal is therefore to promote equal opportunities for all members of the Faculty of Geoscience and Geography irrespective of gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability and chronic illness as well as ethnic and social origin. In accordance with the Lower Saxony Higher Education Act we focus on gender justice. We are committed to secrecy and act non-binding.

Our most important tasks are

  • to accompany personnel decisions, especially (professorial) appointment procedures to ensure equal opportunities and to ensure quality assurance

  • Committee work, i. e. bringing in and representing equal opportunities in the Faculty Council and other bodies

  • Information and advice on (career) support measures for women

  • Information and advice on the reconciliation of work and family / studies

  • Own development and implementation of goals and measures to promote equality, compatibility and diversity to support other actors in gender equality projects

  • Advice and conflict management for individual concerns

Our offers are freely available to all employees and students of the Faculty of Geoscience and Geography. Our advice is confidential, we act with caution and keep geo-specific needs in mind.