Communication and Marketing at the Faculty of Economic Sciences

Since June 2002 the Faculty of Business and Economics at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen holds a position for Communication and Marketing.

The position is working closely to the Faculty's deanery. As assistant to the dean the representative is responsible for internal and external communication, corporate identity, marketing, and social media. The position informs the interested public, partners in politics, in the economy, and in national as well as international scientific organizations and institutions.

For the Faculty's scientists, the Faculty's staff, and the students, the following activities are offered:

  • Information about the Faculty and its research, teaching, and transfer,

  • responding of requests about the Faculty and its research, teaching, and transfer,

  • supplying contact persons, co-operation partners, and experts,

  • managing events about the Faculty (e.g. for classes),

  • advising and supporting the Faculty's staff regarding their websites, letterheads, and information materials, e.g., in the corporate design,

  • detailed internal communication (for example via an electronic newsletter).

The Faculty's Communication and Marketing cooperates closely with the University's Press Relations Office.

If you have any questions, suggestions or wishes, please don’t hesitate to contact Ms. Gesche Quent, Head of the Faculty's Communication and Marketing.