Department of Dogmatics and moral theology

Systematic Theology develops the specific meaning of the content of the Christian faith (dogma) and the foundation of Christian life (ethics) in their importance for the self- and world perception of modern man. The Reformation tradition, the transformation of traditional teachings as a result of modern philosophical and theological criticism, and the phenomena of religion in general, are of special interest here. A further unique feature in Göttingen is the department of Reformed Theology, which is concerned with reformed dogmatic theology and denominational formation, as well as the social organization of the Reformed Church in the past and present.

Research Areas

The research interests of Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Christine Axt-Piscalar in Dogmatics are the remodelling process of Christian doctrine in modern times (especially Kant, Schleiermacher, Ritschl and the Ritschl School in the 19th century, Pannenberg in the 20th century) and the reformulation of Christianity’s content under modern conditions. She is particularly interested in the relationship between conceptions of God and man. She also links to other disciplines, in particular, philosophy and sociology, in investigating the issue of general religiosity as an anthropological fundament, calling on these disciplines in order to test the plausibility of Christian religious content. A further research area is the specific theology and piety practices of different denominational families. Current publication projects are directed at the self-conception of theology in the past and present and the doctrine of sin, as well as the theory of freedom in theology and philosophy. In addition, a volume on the doctrine of baptism is in preparation for the German ecumenical publication “Perspektive”.

The chair of Reformed Theology (until 2002 Prof. Busch) was filled in summer semester 2011 with Prof. Dr. Martin Laube. His research interests are the protestanat - special reformed - theology and education in horizon of modern times and modern society.

The research interests of Prof. Dr. Christian Polke: informations will forthcoming released to the public.