Informationen zu Seminaren und Learning Agreements

1. How to choose your courses
You can find all courses in our course overview: UniVZ

If you have an Erasmus-contract via German Philology in Göttingen, at least 50% of your courses should be chosen out of the course proposal of our profession. AFTER OUR AGREEMENT, it can be possible to visit courses from other departments.

You can find the courses of German Philology in UniVZ via Faculty of Humanities → German Philology or especially courses for German as a foreign language via Faculty of Humanities → key competences → Language skills (foreign languages) → Interkulturelle Germanistik/Lektorat Deutsch als Fremdsprache. Moreover, you can choose all courses, which are described with "German Philology for Exchange Students"
Studies in German Philology are divided into three parts. Studies in Linguistics, Literary Studies and Medieval Studies. The department "German as a foreign language" offers German language courses for all levels. You can visit courses for writing, reading, speaking, etc. Please pay attention to the fact that you need to pass a placement test before. You can find all information concerning this here.

IMPORTANT: Please, send us your "Learning Agreement – Before the mobility" BEFORE your arrival in Göttingen. This is the best way to make sure you will be allowed to participate in all of your favored courses. If you have chosen courses from another field of studies, we need to get their permission first.

2. Modules

For the studies in German Philology there are module-catalogues as a guide through your studies: Modules B.A and M.A.

Keep in mind that one module can have divers courses and lectures. To get all of your ECTS-Points it is necessary to participate in all parts of the module.

If you have any questions concerning the modules, please write an e-mail to:

3. Application

For applying, it is necessary to be matriculated and to get your students ID first. The application for your courses and lectures works via Stud.IP. While applications for language courses at ZESS have to be done via FlexNow.

4. Speech level and courses

To take part successfully at courses of German Philology you should at least be on level B1, better B2, of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

First year students visit the courses "Basisseminare 1.1" and "1.2", where they get an overview of the different fields of research and learn about literary studies and theories. The following seminars are called "Aufbauseminare" and in the final year, our students participate in the "Vertiefungsseminare". The higher the course level the more ECTS-Points can be collected.

5. Compulsory attendance

The attendance for all courses of the Faculty of Humanities is compulsory. That means irrespective of the reasons, you are not allowed to miss more than two lessons.

6. Courses for winter and summer term

It is possible that there is no updated university calendar when you have to fill out your "Learning Agreement – before the mobility"
Every term there are different topics for courses of German Philology. For this reason, it is advisable to add the corresponding module-name to your courses. This will help you to find a suitable substitution, if the university calendar is changed.

7. Key Competences

The courses for key competencies are divided into language, job orientation, presentation methods, self-management and social competences.

Among other things, you can visit a couple of foreign language courses at ZESS or search for other interesting key competences-courses. Please be aware of the fact that, before visiting the language course, you have to enter the placement test. If you would like to start in A1-level, you do not have to do one.

8. Learning Agreement

Please send us your filled and signed "Learning Agreement – before the mobility" BEFORE your arrival in Göttingen at:

If there are any changes necessary, please contact the Incoming-Office of the Department of German Philology. After your home university has signed your modified "Learning Agreement – during the mobility", send it again to to get our signature.