Internship Abroad

An Internship abroad gives you the opportunity to gather practical work experience in another country and a chance to learn about and encounter exciting companies and farmers.
You are able to decide between:

The independently organised Internship

For an independently organised internship, the following approach is recommended;

1. Search for an establishment
Depending on your personal preference, there are many differing options to find an establishment to complete your internship abroad, dependent on what your primary interest is;
1. The establishment (University, Company, or particular area of studies)
2. The country or
3. The city.

A few options are:

  • Speak with lecturer to use their contacts to companies and universities abroad.
  • Internet search for Internship placements.
    Please note: Multiple internships are expected to be followed up with a professional traineeship which demand high placement fees and do not necessarily guarantee a highly qualified internship. punkt>
  • Contact a German Company, that may have an affiliated company or co-operation partner in another country.
  • Contact local companies or university faculties, in the desired country, whose activities are of interest.

2. Making Contact

A brief cover letter should be sent per e-mail mail (in English or the countries native language) to the department or laboratory manager. In addition, information about “what” you would like to do and “when” you would like to do it, with a motivation letter, and a CV which provides information about your practical skills from your studies.

Tip: The longer your internship can be, the higher the chances are that you will be given a position (for example, from 8 weeks and longer).

Please note: Making contact can be a tedious process: it is important to know that from ten enquires, only one will receive an answer. If necessary, contact may need to be made a second time before a laboratory manager responds.

3. Financing

With the acceptance of a place for an internship, the next thing to focus on is financing. Once the place is confirmed, financial support from the institution can be requested, for example, through direct payment or remuneration of accommodation and/or travel expenses.
Furter Financing Options

4. Preparation

Before you can finally start, there are some important things that need to be prepared and thought about:

  • Accommodation (ask host, or look on the normal accommodation markets)
  • Leave of absence
  • Understanding of the native language is recommended (ZESS, Community College)
  • Country codes of conduct/cultural differences (Infothek Studium International)
  • Insurance protection (Medical, Emergency and Liability Insurance)
  • Visa/Vaccinations

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Internship with an Organisation

Contrary to the independently organised internship, is the organised internship, where you apply for an already existing position at an organisation. Accommodation, financing and social events are frequently included.

On the following page are many organisations that offer or are willing to arrange internships:

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