CHE master’s rankings: degree programmes of the Faculty were ranked high in the top and middle groups

In the current ZEIT Campus magazine publication, the ranking of the Centre for Higher Education (CHE) for master’s programmes at higher education institutes; the master’s degree programmes of the University of Goettingen Faculty of Business and Economics scored excellent results in the top and middle groups.

The ranking is based on the results of a survey of all participating faculties and departments as well as master’s students, which was conducted for the CHE 2016/ 2017 rankings. As with the undergraduate study programmes (see: the strong results in the CHE 2017 university rankings for business administration, economics, and business information systems), the student population was generally very positive about the quality of their studies as well as the quality and offerings of the faculty. In addition to the quality of studies, the faculty’s degree programmes ranked very high in areas such as course offerings, relevance to careers, study support, transition to master’s studies, academic relevance, and IT facilities.

In addition, the faculty’s master’s degree programmes ranked at the top in terms of "timely completion of the master’s degree" criteria in business administration, economics, and business administration. The faculty also ranked at the top in terms of being an "internationally-oriented master’s programme", "research funds per researcher" (both in business administration and economics).

For the current rankings, CHE analysed more than 190 degree programmes at universities of higher education in both Germany and Austria. The master’s programmes were ranked in terms of 20 different indicators. In addition to the evaluation of students, fact-based indicators are included, such as the number of master’s students in a programme, or the international focus of a programme. The CHE university rankings is the most comprehensive and detailed ranking in the German-speaking world.

Further information about the ranking results can be found here (in German; registration required):