Double degree programme with Nanjing University

The Faculty of Business and Economics offers a double degree programme with the Nanjing University Business School (NJUBS) in China.

Within four semesters, well-qualified students can complete both a Master of Science degree at the University of Göttingen, as well as a Master of Management at Nanjing University.

The double degree programme is an excellent opportunity to study abroad, and offers graduates excellent career opportunities in multinational companies, national and international organizations, and last but not least, the ability of applying for international PhD programmes.

Profile of the double degree programme

  • Start: Winter semester

  • Duration: 4 semesters

  • Language: German and English

  • Application: To the faculty

  • Credits: 120 credits

  • Capacity: 5 students per year

  • Funding: Full DAAD scholarship for up to four students

  • What is a double degree programme?

    A double degree programme is an integrated international course of study that takes place partly at a German institute of higher education and partly at an international partner university. In a double degree programme, national degrees from both partner universities are awarded, as opposed to a single joint-degree from both partner universities.

    In this programme, you will study two semesters at Göttingen University (first academic year, beginning in October) and two semesters at Nanjing University (second academic year).

    As a graduate of the double degree programme, you will acquire degrees in two master's programmes at two renowned and traditional universities in four semesters:

    • Master of Science at the University of Göttingen

    • Master of Management at Nanjing University

    For the application period from 1 April to 15 May 2024:

    The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) supports the double degree programme with Nanjing University with a full scholarship for students.

    Students who take part in the double degree programme (start of Master's degree in Management in winter semester 2024/2025 and stay in Nanjing in winter semester 2025/2026 and summer semester 2026) will each receive a scholarship instalment of 1,350 euros per month as well as an insurance allowance of 35 euros per month for up to 10 months and a one-off travel allowance of 825 euros. Up to four Göttingen students can be supported with a full scholarship.

  • Application requirements for the double degree programme

    A prerequisite for participation in the double degree programme is acceptance to the Master's programme in Management.

    In order to successfully apply for the double degree programme, please note the following points:

    • You have already completed your studies in a subject-relevant bachelor's programme or in an equivalent programme at the time of application or have acquired at least 150 credits

    • Of these 150 credits, you have acquired at least 18 credits from modules with a high academic level


  • Application for the double degree programme

    You are regularly applying for the Master's programme in Management at the Faculty of Business and Economics.

    In the online application form for the Master's programme in Management, you will be asked whether you would like to apply for the Double Degree Programme with Nanjing University at the same time. If you choose "yes", please fill in the fields under point 7 in the online application form (in German) and submit the following documents in addition to the application documents for the Master's programme in Management by the deadline:

    • A specific letter of motivation, written in English, stating the reasons for your application and the goals and expectations related to the double degree programme.

    • A curriculum vitae (CV) written in English with a meaningful description of your educational background, showing which practical professional knowledge and further professional qualifications or stays abroad you can present.

    • Proof of sufficient English language skills if your native language is not English (please see Prüfungs- und Studienordnung (Examination and study regulations)).

    • Please note that the certificate or transcript of records submitted for the application to the Master's programme in Management must show the overall grade of your degree or the average grade calculated from your previous examination results.

    Application for the double degree programme is always possible for the winter semester. The online application form is open from 1 April to 15 May of the same year for students starting in the winter semester.

    Detailed information about admission and the application process as well as the online application form is available here.

  • Programme Structure of the double degree programme

    Students of the University of Göttingen spend their first and second semesters in Göttingen and the third and fourth semesters in China.

    Students of the University of Nanjing, on the other hand, complete the first two semesters in China and then transfer to Göttingen for the third and fourth semesters. They then complete their three-year master's programme in China (semesters five and six).

    Programme Structure for students of the University of Göttingen:

    First year of study at Göttingen University (60 C)

    1. Basic Modules Management Skills (30 C)

    2. Specialisation in International Management (30 C)

    Second year at Nanjing University (60 C)

    1. Mandatory Area (17,5 C)

    2. Electives (12,5 C)

    3. Language requirements. Students must obtain the HSK3 certificate in Chinese before graduating from Nanjing University. Previously obtained HSK3 certificates may be recognised as a language requirement.

    4. Master's thesis (30 C)

    An overview of the modules that can be selected in each case can be found in the here (summer semester 2024; in German).