Nurman Nowak, M.A.

Nurman Nowak is a PhD-student and is engaged in the study of urban communities. His regional focus is urban Indonesia and Malaysia. Nurman studied Asian Studies at the Univeristy of Bonn and obtained his master degree in Southeast Asian Studies at the University of Passau. For his thesis, he conducted research among indigenous peoples in Peninsular Malaysia to study the (re-)construction of indigenous “Orang Asli”- Identity. Fall 2016 – spring 2018 Nurman worked as a project manager in an oversea-office of a German political foundation in Jakarta, Indonesia, and discovered an interest in urban affairs. His current research is an ethnographic study on urban poor communities and their adaptation strategies and impact of social and cultural transformation induced by digitalization, city development and ecological change in North Jakarta. Nurman is currently on reserach leave in Jakarta, Indonesia, until February 2021.