Hannah Stieglitz, M.A.

Hannah studied Social and Cultural Anthropology and History at the Georg-August-University Göttingen. Her discourse analytic and practice oriented thesis was concerned with educational service in ethnographic museums between ideal and daily practice. Since November 2018 she is working as a research assistant in our Institutes’ Ethnographic Collection in the joint project ‘provenance research in non-European collections and in ethnology’ (PAESE), funded by the Volkswagen-Foundation. In her PhD project she investigates practices of documenting, using and interpreting objects deriving from colonial times (supervisors: Prof. Dr. Elfriede Hermann, Dr. Michael Kraus). Hannah´s research interests range from (post-)colonial provenance research and theory to the anthropology of museums, debates on representation in social and cultural anthropology and history and the history of (ethnographic) museums and science.

Postcolonial/-modern theory, Anthropology of museums, museum studies, (post-)colonial provenance research, history of (ethnographic) museums and collections, history of science, anthropological and historical debates on representation and methods, Historical Anthropology

Subsahara Africa (East Africa), Europe (Germany)