The "Exhibiting Knowledge| Knowledge in Exhibitions" Doctoral Research Group

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“Exhibiting Knowledge| Knowledge in Exhibitions. An Epistemic History of Exhibitions in the Second Half of the 20th Century” is a doctoral research group at Georg August University in Göttingen, Germany. The research group is a one-time, four-year doctoral programme in which seven selected doctoral candidates and one post-doctoral student conduct research into the history of exhibitions with the aim of publishing their findings as part of their respective dissertations. The group receives funding from the VolkswagenStiftung as part of a programme called Humanities, Cultural Studies, Social Sciences and Professional Practice in Graduate Education. The graduate and post-doc fellows involved in the “Exhibiting Knowledge| Knowledge in Exhibitions” group investigate the interdependent field of knowledge production and museum exhibitions in eight key areas: colonialism, migration, war, ethnology, Vikings, images, ethics and science. The group carries out its activities in cooperation with several museums in Germany and abroad, and each fellow undertakes a year of practical study designed to enhance their historical perspective and provide them with tangible experience in the conception and production of exhibitions. [more...]


“Exhibiting Knowledge| Knowledge in Exhibitions” Doctoral Research Group

Georg August University Göttingen
Zentrale Kustodie & Kunstgeschichtliches Seminar
(Centre for Collection Development & Art History Department)
Friedländer Weg 2
D-37085 Göttingen