Franziska Lichtenstein

Short bio

Franziska Lichtenstein is a PhD fellow in the “Exhibiting Knowledge| Knowledge in Exhibitions” doctoral research group. She studied interdisciplinary medieval and Renaissance studies in Freiburg, Reykjavík and Bergen specialising in ancient Norse philology. In addition to her studies, she gained practical experience working in scientific libraries, and she also participated in a digital edition project (NRA 7) for the Medieval Nordic Text Archive. In the Scandinavian Department in Freiburg, she was active as a tutor in the subject of the history and culture of the Scandinavian Middle Ages. Her research focuses on the cultural history of Northern Europe in the medieval and early modern eras as well as its modern reception. In her Bachelor and Master’s theses, she examined the depiction of female warriors in heroic sagas as well as ‘learned-man’ magic in the sagas and legends of ancient Icelandic knights.