(Im)mobilities, Human Rights and Climate Justice

5th CeMig Migration Research Lab with Carol Farbotko (Griffith University) and Monika Mayrhofer (Ludwig Boltzman Institute of Fundamental and Human Rights)

Date: 15 October 2021, 10:00 - 12:00 CEST (UTC +2)
Registration: Places are limited. Please register below by 08 October 2021
Venue: Online via Zoom


Migration in the context of climate change has often been defined as a problem to be solved through research and policies. Critical voices, however, call for going beyond such a narrow framing of the issue in order to promote the human rights of those most affected and to achieve climate justice. A persistent problem is defining who is addressed in research and policy on the climate change - migration nexus and how those most affected by climate change become part of the debate. This Migration Research Lab aims to initiate an exchange on the current state of research on climate change and human (im)mobility in order to discuss what an (im)mobility perspective has to offer in terms of human rights and climate justice. It is primarily aimed at PhD students and postdocs from different disciplines to critically debate the challenges and open questions in their research designs and analyses in light of the global reality of climate change and human (im)mobility.

Idea and Concept: Nicola Adam, Leon-Fabian Caspari
Academic Supervision: Elfriede Hermann, Angela Schwerdtfeger