Research Projects of Young Scientists in phase 2

Name University assoc. Project Title File/Link
Siti Meliah LIPI B02 Study of soil myxobacteria diversity in lowland rainforest and converted rainforest in Jambi Link
Mazidah Noer Inayah IPB B02 Identification and characterization of Actinomycetes derived from Indonesian soil samples Link
Riko Fardiansah IPB B08 Systematics of Goblin Spiders (Oonopidae) and Armored Spiders (Tetrablemmidae) in Rainforest Transformation Systems on Sumatra, Indonesia Link
Di Ajeng Prameswari IPB B08 Biomass and Trophic Structure of Soil Communities in Oil Palm Biodiversity Enrichment Link
Di Ajeng Prameswari IPB B08 Diversity of soil mesostigmata and their role on food webs in tropical land use systems Link
Naufal Rizquilloh IPB B08 Ants as bioindicator of soil ecology in conservation management of oil palm plantation in Jambi province Link
Winda Ika Susanti IPB B08 Soil Fauna in the Lowland Rainforest and Agricultural Systems of Sumatra: Changes in Community Composition and Trophic Structure with Focus on Collembola Link
Nurul Novianti IPB Z02 Development of a Rapid Molecular Biodiversity Assessment using parasitic wasps from Z02 canopy fogging Link
Rizky Nazarreta IPB Z02 Establishment of a taxonomic key and electronic documentation for all ant species of the EFForTS project Link
Mayanda Lia IPB Z02 Diversity of canopy spiders (Araneae) assemblages along a transformation gradient in Jambi Province, Indonesia Link
Rawati Panjaitan IPB Z02 Diversity of Butterflies (Lepidoptera) across rainforest transformation systems in Bukit Duabelas and Harapan Forest, Jambi Link
Mega Mutiari IPB Z02 Structural composition of arboreal arthropod food webs across land use change in two seasons using body mass and stable isotopes Link
Amanda Mawan IPB Z02 Diversity, Phylogeny and Trophic Ecology of Arboreal Collembola Communities along a Lowland Rainforest Transformation Gradient Link
Kasmiatun IPB Z02 Using body mass and stable isotopes to uncover canopy arthropod food webs across a land use change gradient Link
Fatimah Siddikah IPB Z02 Documentation of canopy beetle diversity Link