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Career Development Outside Academia

We can offer advice for the following topics:

• Potential Analysis
• Clarification of motives and professional ideas
• Lifestyle integration
• Developing perspectives outside academia
• Professional career management

The individual advisory services have been further professionalized due to a range of digital self-study materials on career-specific aspects under “Career Service Online-Angebote” in StudIP. Please register for this in StudIP at the event Career Service Online-Angebote.

Do you want to deepen your knowledge of your own personality and deal with the above-mentioned aspects in a differentiated way? You are welcome to use our advisory service. The results of the scientifically based test will be evaluated and contextualized by a certified expert from the Career Service of the University of Göttingen.

You will receive more information about the personality diagnostic procedures and the counseling modalities by registering via the online form.

Since the offer is not used by some due to the costs incurred for the scientifically based personality test, a contingent of free counseling sessions without test application will be available from SoSe 2021. If this applies to you, please ask when regist