Mission Statement for Teaching and Learning at the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Göttingen

As an internationally renowned research institution, the University of Göttingen is guided by the ideals and educational concept of the Enlightenment. The Faculty of Business and Economics defines this mission statement for teaching and learning through the orientation of its research and teaching towards the basic idea of responsible innovation. This refers to enlightened, responsible innovation activities of individuals or organisations. In order to optimally prepare our students to become involved in the process of responsible innovation, our teaching is based on the following pillars:

Circular graphic of the mission statement for teaching and learning at the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Göttingen.

Research Orientation

We consistently focus our teaching on excellent scientific research at our faculty and increasingly actively involve students in research from bachelor programmes to doctoral studies. Research and performance-oriented studies prepare students for the process of lifelong learning as well as for activities in science and practice.


Our teaching is based on the fundamental conviction that our society must focus on sustainable development. Accordingly, we take economic, ecological and social content into account in our courses and thus support students in their development into responsible and critically thinking people.


We take digitisation into account in the three areas of teaching content, teaching methods and teaching organisation. Accordingly, digitisation is an important content of our teaching because it poses serious challenges for our economy. Furthermore, we use digitisation to develop new teaching and learning methods, such as digital learning platforms, and to improve and simplify the organisation of studies.


Our programmes are internationally oriented and offer our students an extensive range of courses in English. Thanks to numerous partner universities, our students can spend exchange semesters all over the world. Foreign language courses and special events to impart intercultural skills prepare students for life in an international environment.

Diversity Orientation

An open and appreciative attitude to life is indispensable in modern and diverse societies. We therefore support students in the development of open-minded attitudes and ways of thinking. We perceive different perspectives as enriching elements. We take the diversity of our students into account through targeted teaching and support offerings.

Cooperation & Communication

Our teaching method is characterised by a cooperative and communicative atmosphere among teachers and students. This includes respectful interaction, mutual commitment, constructive feedback and the identification of opportunities for improvement. We support the students in achieving their learning goals through a motivational teaching approach.

Service Orientation

Our students benefit from our comprehensive and reliable Student Advisory Service. Its employees are qualified contact persons for all questions and concerns students may have concerning their studies. In addition, the members of the student council make an important contribution to supporting teaching at the faculty through a variety of activities as well as advisory and information services.

The close proximity of the Faculty of Business and Economics to other faculties on campus and the close cooperation between the University and other scientific organisations in the university town of Göttingen create a special Göttingen spirit that makes studying at the Faculty of Business and Economics a special and formative experience for our students.