Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Standard period of study
4 semesters
Starting semester
winter and summer semester
Teaching language
German and English
limited admission

Access requirements

Bachelor degree in Applied Computer Science, Computer Science or a closely related degree program with at least 180 ECTS. If the requisite degree has not yet been awarded 150 ECTS are required for application.
A proof of 90 ECTS in Computer Science, Applied Computer Science, Mathematics, Natural Science or Engineering is required, at least 60 ECTS in Computer Science or Applied Computer Science and at least 15 ECTS in Mathematics, Natural Science or Engineering.

Legally binding are the admission requirements described in the regulations "Ordnung über die Zugangsvoraussetzungen und über die Zulassung" (see "Regulations").
Admission Regulations (English translation, unofficial)
Amendment to the Admission Regulations (English translation, unofficial)

English Language Proficiency CEFR C1
English Language Proficiency CEFR B2 and German Language Proficiency equivalent to DSH level 2.

Legally binding are the admission requirements described in the regulations "Ordnung über die Zugangsvoraussetzungen und über die Zulassung" (see "Regulations").

We do not offer any eligibility check. You will find all relevant information in the admission regulations. Questions regarding eligibility checks will not be answered.

To support the work of our application committee, we kindly ask all international applicants to perform our aptitude test before starting the application process. The test takes around 1–2 hours and covers a wide range of topics in computer science. The test will give you an indication of whether to apply to the program and your chances to successfully complete it. You will be asked in the application form to enter a unique token generated upon completion of the test. You can access the test under "online application form" below.


Students will deal with the possibilities of structuring, formalisation and mathematization of application areas in the form of special models and simulations. They will acquire knowledge in engineering development of software systems for different areas of application with special consideration of high adaptability and the man-computer interaction of such systems.
The programme aims to convey extensive knowledge in the subject of computer science in theory and practice as well as with reference to an application subject. This comprises methods to solve application problems and their realization in an appropriate computer form.
In Göttingen, particular importance is placed on the close connection with the application subject. In addition, the practical orientation can be further developed through project work and external internships. These internships are undertaken in an industrial company or a research institute. Those selecting computer science as their subject of study should be interested in a mathematically formal as well as an application-oriented practical way of working. The capability of working in a team is an important requirement for later daily work. Knowledge of the English language is required. Specialised knowledge, especially in programming, is not required.

The Master's degree in Applied Computer Science (M.Sc.) is a graduate programme that requires 120 credits (4 semesters) to be successfully completed. The degree includes three areas of study: Core Curriculum, Professionalisation and the Master's Thesis. The teaching languages are German and English.
Detailed information about the structure of the study programme, specialisations/fields of applications and modules can be found in the module catalogue ("Modulverzeichnis") following the link "Regulations" on the right-hand side of this page. Example study plans can be found in the "Prüfungs- und Studienordnung"

Core Curriculum

In the Core Curriculum, students acquire deeper knowledge of systems-oriented computer science in order to develop the professional skills to apply and expand the specialised methods of the discipline.


In terms of Professionalisation, students have the opportunity to choose a concentration tailored to their individual and professional inclinations, as well as professional ambitions, and to acquire core job-specific and interdisciplinary skills. Students may select one programme specialisation for professionalisation from one of the two concentrations:

Master's Thesis

After successful completion of 48 credits from the degree-programme modules, including at least 24 credits from Core Curriculum and 24 credits from the selected specialisation, students can write a Master's Thesis in the chosen area of specialisation or in the field of applied computer science in order to complete the Master's degree.

You can find more information here
Computer scientists are required in almost all subject disciplines. Typical fields of work include software and hardware development; consulting and training; further development and adaptation of application systems; service and maintenance of computer networks; training and teaching; research and development. Different fields of work are also possible depending on the application subject. Career prospects for graduates of Computer Science are very good due to the interdisciplinary programme. Modern IT systems are now so complex and interlinked that highly trained specialists are in demand.


For the application you have to fill in the provided online application form. To complete the application form the following documents are required:
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) [PDF]
  • Certificate and Transcript of Records (in one file) [PDF, PNG, JPG] (acceptable in German or English)
  • Proof of English Proficiency [PDF, PNG, JPG]
  • if required: Proof of German Proficiency [PDF, PNG, JPG]
Please prepare all these documents in advance before you start with the online application form. To simplify the evaluation of your application make sure that the scanned documents are correctly oriented and scanned in a reasonable resolution. Furthermore, the labeling of the document should be meaningful so that it is obvious what the document contains.
Note: Please do the whole application online, no originals are required at application time, only scanned copies. Please DO NOT send any documents by mail unless requested to do so. Note: Please activate JavaScript in your web browser because it is required to submit the application form.

for foreign nationals (non-EU) and stateless applicants
April 15th (winter semester); October 15th (summer semester)

for all other applicants
June 15th (winter semester); December 15th (summer semester)

For further information see "online application form".

Applicants will be notified by mail. The selection process usually takes a few months.
Unfortunately, we are unable to answer questions about the status of your application.
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