Regulations for exams September/October 2020 (17.9.20)



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  • Math-teaching related FAQ regarding studying and teaching in summerterm 2020 in Göttingen

    Update about submitting theses (11.9.2020)



    When will lectures start in summerterm 2020?

    From the 20th of April on as many maths lectures as possible will start online. In the announcement of each lecture in stud.IP you will be able to find the information on how exactly it will be organized. The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science cannot tell or decide when it will be possible to visit in-person classes regulary again.

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  • How will virtual teaching be offered in mathematics?

    Online-teaching will be based on the media-server of stud.IP. Videos and other media will be accessible from there. The details regarding this will be given in the annoucements of each stud.IP lecture respectively. It might be neccessary to install additional software to be able to participate in the online courses.

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  • Will all the different types of math courses (like lecture, exercise session, seminar) be replaced virtually?

    Lectures and exercise sessions will be replaced The lectureres as well as the IT staff is working very hard at the monent to have everything prepared until the start of lectures. The lecturers will decide on the adequate technical solution for other formats respectively.

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  • Where can I find times for online teaching, especially for livestreams?

    In the online course catalogues: For live casts and live stream the times specified in the online course catalogue(UniVZ/studIP) should be used. However, in summerterm 2020 it will be very important that you check all annoucements in your lectures in stud.IP regularly. The information for exampe whether lectures will be recorded or streamed will be given there.

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  • Do I have to be in Göttingen during summer semester 2020 or can I stay in my home town?

    This ist difficult to say for the wohle lecture period, because it depepends on the developement of the crisis. One possible scenario is that online course times will take turns with in-person class times. Furthermore, it is possibe that re-offerings of the cancelled winter-term exams will be announced approximately 14 days after ending of social distancing rules.

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  • Where can I ask questions regarding my courses?

    Please read the information in your stud.IP lectures respectively. You can use the stud.IP messaging tool for contacting the lecturers as well.

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  • Are we allowed to/should we/do we have to use the digital tools (like BigBlueBotton...) also for working on our weekly problemsheets or for dicussing math together?

    The rules for social distancing have shown us the importance of regular discussions about mathematics. We totally encourage you to do this. We expect the start of digital teaching and learning to cause a bootleneck in universities online capacities. That's why we ask you not to use GWDG hosted services (see GWDG website) but for example a JITSI-meeting not hosted by the GWDG.

    Please read the information regarding data protection on the given GWDG website.

    The student representatives introduced a way of meeting virtually in the math institute, using mumble. They also organize social events there like playing online games together. See here for details about using mumble:

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  • How do exams take place in summer 2020 in math?

    Find the relevant information here: Math-exams_SoSe2020_Corona.pdf

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  • When will the exams cancelled in winter term 2019/20 be re-offered?

    The new dates for the math exams are now set (as of the end of May 2020). You can find these in UniVZ and stud.IP. Please do not forget to register for them in time in FlexNow. If you are unable to attend face-to-face exams for medical reasons, please contact the Mathematics Student Advisory Service as soon as possible.

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  • If I had already registered for an exam in FlexNow which was then cancelled by I have to register for the re-offered exam in FlexNow again?

    Yes, because you always register for a specific date for each exam. Since this is changed, you have to register again. You can also register for the newly set date if you had not registered for the original date before.

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  • What are the regulations for term papers, theses and the same?

    You can hand them in as planned in digital form. The university's rules for extended due dates hold as published here:

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  • How do I register my thesis at the moment?

    Please proceed the following steps:

    1. Fill in the registration form (This is a link to the form.).
    2. Let your supervisors sign digitally.
    3. Send the signed document via e-Mail to

    Ms. Otto takes the further necessary steps and transfers the registration to FlexNow.

    Please note that external supervisors might first have to ask for the permission to supervise a mathematics thesis first. In this case Ms. Otto can guide you regarding the necessary steps.

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  • How do I submit my thesis during the pandemic?

    When submitting your thesis, please note the following:
    The thesis must be uploaded as a PDF / A document (according to ISO 19005-1: 2005) in FlexNow on the day it is due (by 11:59 p.m.) the latest. See also
    Video instructions for uploading to FlexNow

    In this context, please do not forget to sign the declaration of independence and integrate it into your thesis.

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  • Are there exceptions from the study regulations regarding semester limits in this semester?

    The 4 semester deadline regarding B.Mat.0011 and B.Mat.0012 has been extended until the exams in winter term 20/21. Please ask the study advisory for details.

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  • Where can I ask questions regarding my studies?

    Please contact Dr. Denise Krempasky, study advisor for mathematics. You can contact here online as published here

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  • Which regulations hold for all students of Göttingen University?

    All univerisity-wide regulations can be found here:

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  • Can I get support for digital learning?

    An overview of the Services of the GWDG can be found here:

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  • What regulations apply for my minor subject?

    In the minor subjects the regulations belonging to the faculty the subject belongs to hold respectively. We share links of those we know of here:

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  • My courses for math and my minor/second subject are at the same time. Will there be recordings of all lectures that I can rely on?

    A lot of lectures will be accessible as download. If social distancing rules are relaxed during the time of online teaching it cannot be guaranteed that the online offers will be continued parallely t in-person classes. There might especially be technical restrictions for this.

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  • Can I get financial help for continuing my studies, if I experienced financial difficulties due to the current crisis?

    The Studentenwerk ican be contacted. The following links are unfortunately ony availabe in German:

    Some limited funds for math students are available from the S.Berliner foundation. Applications have to be sent to the Dean's office. For more information see

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  • Is there a way to get in touch with my professor even though there are no office hours at the moment?

    Please send a message via Stud.IP or e-mail describing your question. It can also be helpful to let the professor know the best way to contact you.

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  • How does the math teaching unit react to cyber-bullying?

    The dean's office will respond with a criminal complaint to any case of cyberbulling, be it the creation or dissemination of material from the online courses. If this leads to a conviction, the Dean's Office will ask for exmatriculation in accordance with § 19 (6) and § 19 (5) 3. NHG.

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