Concepts of Hygiene

Corona regulations for mathematics exams in summer semester 22

  • We expect all exams to take place as in-person exams.
  • We strongly recommend wearing an FFP2 mask during the exams.
  • For the summer semester 2022, the duration of all 120-minute exams will be reduced to 90 minutes. This applies to all examinations assigned to the summer semester 2022, regardless of their scheduling. This means that corresponding examinations, e.g. in October 2022, are also covered by the regulation.
  • All other special corona-regulations of the examinations of the previous semester are no longer applicable. These include for example registration and cancellation of registration for exams as well as online instead of in-person exams.

Math-teaching related FAQ regarding studying and teaching in summerterm 2022

A lot of questions are already answered in the university wide FAQ you find here:

FAQ: Frequently asked questions

Teaching is held in presence generally as long as Covid-19-level 0 holds at out university.

Yes, because teaching is held in presence generally as long as Covid-19-level 0 holds at out university.

We plan all exams as in-person exams for summer semester 2022.

Please proceed the following steps: 1. Fill in the registration form. 2. Let your supervisors sign digitally. 3. Send the signed document via e-Mail to the examination office Link to examination office. The examination office takes the further necessary steps and transfers the registration to FlexNow.

When submitting your thesis, please note the following: The thesis must be uploaded as a PDF / A document (according to ISO 19005-1: 2005) in FlexNow on the day it is due (by 11:59 p.m.) the latest. See also Video instructions for uploading to FlexNow In this context, please do not forget to sign the declaration of independence and integrate it into your thesis.

Please contact Dr. Denise Krempasky, study advisor for mathematics. You can contact here online as published here

Yes, an extension of the deadlines for B.Mat.0011 and B.Mat.0012 as well as for the maximum duration of studies in BSc and MSc in mathematics has been decided upon by the examinations board. This is valid as long as "erhebliche Beinträchtigung des Universitätsbetriebes" goes on. Please ask the study advisory for details.

Each student who wants to take an exam in person must provide/update address details and phone number via self-service functions and must have registered for the exam via FlexNow.

In principle, the same regulations apply to quarantine and isolation as in cases of illness. If you are unable to take part in an examination at short notice because you had to go into isolation or quarantine, you must provide the examination office with the appropriate certificate. For example, you could provide a certificate from the Gesundheitsamt (local health office) or an Absonderungsbescheinigung (certificate of isolation), which can be requested from the City of Göttingen (a href="">, or other valid means of proof. This must be submitted in a timely manner. You can then take the next possible examination date without this being counted as a failed attempt.
(as of: 21.04.2022)

If you are in the position of having to take the next regular examination date for one of the above-mentioned reasons – such as quarantine, isolation or belonging to an at-risk group – but this would at the same time be especially detrimental for you, you can submit a corresponding application to the Prüfungskommission (examination committee). The committee will decide on this and, if necessary, offer separate dates so that you can catch up. The faculties make every effort to decide in the best interest of the students within the options available to them.
(as of:: 21.04.2022)