Biodiversity promoted on landscape scale

I am interested in biodiversity, diversification of cultivation systems, plant-pollinator interaction networks, as well as ecosystem functions and services.

In my PhD research, I will work with a participatory and collective approach for the implementation of agro-environmental schemes at landscape scale. I investigate ecological effects of perennial flower strips in a landscape context, as well as the identification of a threshold of area percentage and spatial configuration of flower areas to optimally, and cost-effectively reach regional biodiversity goals, that are collectively prepared with stakeholders.

I have a master´s degree of agricultural sciences in the field of Agroecology from the University of Göttingen, as well as expertise in social- and economic sciences. My master thesis was about transformation systems in oil palm monocultures, as part of the interdisciplinary and international SFB-project EFForTs in Indonesia. Therefore, I received the scholarships PROMOS (DAAD) and “master theses in developing countries” (AKB foundation/CBL).