Promoting biodiversity at the landscape level

I am interested in biodiversity, plant-pollinator networks, ecosystem functions and services, new monitoring technologies and interdisciplinary and diversified research.
In my PhD thesis, I will investigate the interactions between landscape structures and combined agri-environmental measures (organic farming, flower strips) on bird species richness and activity, as well as the effect of landscape diversity on pollinator abundance and species richness. I will explore new technologies (video recording systems) for monitoring pollinator abundance. I am also investigating the benefits and synergies between ecological impact, economic efficiency and governance of collaborative agri-environmental schemes at the landscape scale.
In the last years, I also supported the development and implementation of the "KOOPERATIV" project and, in addition to coordinating tasks, was mainly responsible for selecting and updating the study landscapes as well as acquiring and coordinating farmers. The aim of KOOPERATIV is to promote biodiversity at the landscape level on the basis of cooperation between several stakeholders. I have recorded the abundance, species richness and diversity of pollinators with standardized transect surveys and supervised the recording of activity and species richness of birds and bats with sound recordings, bumble bee transect surveys for population genetic research and pollination rates with exclusion experiments. The research takes place in 37 landscapes, each with an area of 100 ha, which differ in the proportion of perennial flowering areas (0 % - 13 %) and run along a diversity gradient.

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I have a master´s degree in agricultural sciences in the field of Agroecology from the University of Göttingen, Germany, as well as expertise in social sciences and economics. I wrote my master thesis in the interdisciplinary and international SFB project EFForTs in Indonesia on the topic of transformation systems in oil palm monocultures. For this, I received the scholarships PROMOS (DAAD) and "Master's Theses in Developing Countries" (AKB Foundation/CBL).