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# Personal counselling

We offer personal and interdisciplinary counselling to promote your success in your studies. We support you throughout all phases of your studies in…

  1. …providing orientation

    e.g. during crises in your studies, or when you are not sure about your study goals or future career

  2. …making decisions

    e.g. before a possible change of subject, or in deciding how to continue after completion of your bachelor’s degree

  3. …realising your plans

    e.g. by implementing suitable learning strategies to complete your studies successfully.

In all such cases, make use of our confidential personal counselling opportunities during your studies.

Other counselling options:

Academic degree programme counselling

We support you in planning your degree programme with interdisciplinary support – for individuals and groups. Appointments upon request.

Funding and scholarship counselling

By appointment

# Calendar of events

Mid SuSe

"Monday Check" for questions on reorientation and change of subject

The application period is approaching and you are unsure whether your degree programme is still the right one for you? If you have questions about reorientation and changing your subject, then take advantage of our counselling services, web seminars and online material available here between 31 May and 25 June 2021. Both the seminars and the online material are available in German only.