All about exams


Exams are usually offered twice a year at our faculty - once in the winter semester and once in the summer semester, after the lecture period.
The fastest way to view the current exam dates is in the UniVZ under the respective event.
You can get an overview of the appointments that have already been transferred to FlexNow via the FlexNow statistics portal. FlexNow statistics portal.

At the request of the students, the study commission granted exceptional permission to conduct the follow-up exam for the bachelor's module "Fundamentals of Natural Sciences" (physics and chemistry) at the beginning of April before the lecture period of the summer semester. The aim is to relieve the exam period in July/August.
Please note that there will be no further exam for "scientific basics" in July/August,but again in the spring of the following year!!
If you did not pass the first exam in the winter semester or were unable to attend due to illness, you have the option of repeating the exam either in April or in the spring of the following year.
If you are aiming for a grade improvement, you must register with the examination office for the exam in April in order not to lose your right to the grade improvement.
Please also note the registration and deregistration deadlines (registration: up to 7 days in advance; deregistration: up to 24 hours in advance).


Registration for the exams takes place via the FlexNow exam administration system. It offers students the following features regardless of where they are:

  • Registration and deregistration for exams
  • View examination results (student data)
  • Data sheet self-printout (student data)
  • Statistics / exam dates
  • Information for students (information on FlexNow operation)

You can register or deregister for all types of exams up to 7 days before the exam date, and you can even deregister for exams up to 24 hours beforehand!


You can check whether you are registered for an exam in FlexNow. In the "My exams" section you can see your current registrations in the "Current exams" box.
During the de-registration phase, you can also de-register directly at this point if necessary.
In addition, you will always receive an e-mail as a confirmation of registration to your student e-mail address after each successful registration. Please keep this until the exam.
You can register or de-register for all types of exams up to 7 days before the exam date, and you can de-register for exams up to 24 hours beforehand!
Register for all upcoming exams in good time during the semester. If you do not want to take individual exams later, deregister by the deregistration deadline.

If you do not register for the exams in good time, you will not be able to take part in the exam!
The faculty would like to help you complete your studies as quickly as possible. In addition to the two examinations offered each year, special examination dates can be approved by the Dean of Studies in cases of particular hardship.

Typical cases of hardship:
In the case of an impending change from B.Sc. to M.Sc. studies, the admission requirements can only be met with the help of a special examination date. A degree would be delayed by one semester without a special examination date. Requests for special examination dates can only be made if there are a maximum of 2 open examinations. If you are missing more than 2 examinations, you cannot apply for special examination dates.

How is a special examination date requested?

  • Please contact the examiner and clarify whether he or she is generally willing to offer a special date.
  • If this is the case, arrange a provisional appointment with the examiner (date, time, place, type of examination -oral or written-, name of the examiner).
  • Submit an informal application for approval of the special examination date to the Dean of Studies. To do this, write an e-mail to Ms. Koç with the above examination details.

You will receive an e-mail as to whether the Dean of Studies has approved your application and, if this is the case, you will be registered by the Examination Office in FlexNow.

Note: The time burden on the examiners in connection with special examinations is considerable, which is why this is only considered in exceptional cases. You can promote the willingness of the examiners if you avoid short-notice cancellations of oral examinations!

Particularly important!!!

Certificates must be sent immediately (usually within three days) to the Examination Office (Büsgenweg 5, 37077 GÖTTINGEN) and contain the following information:

  • Matriculation number
  • Event name
  • Exam date

Certificates without this information cannot be processed!
If you do not register for the exams in good time, you will not be able to take part in the exam!

Changing your address is one of the self-service functions for students. To do this, you need your matriculation number and the PIN/TAN lists from the study center that you received with the chip card.
Disabilities or chronic illnesses can lead to direct disadvantages in your studies. For this reason, there is the possibility of claiming compensation for disadvantages. These should help to individually compensate for impairing conditions.
More information can be found here.
If necessary, contact the student advisory service or the examination office in the faculty.