The Janßen-Müller Group


October 2022

After her Master thesis with us, Shreya Unone started with her PhD studies with us. All the best!

July 2022

Malte Meyer starts with his bachelor thesis in our working group.

June 2022

We again welcome three new faces to our working group: Fatemeh Gharemani will be working with us for half a year. Nabeel Alia and Advika Juliet are with us for a short research internship.

April 2022

We welcome three new members to our working group: Linh Nguyen, Jörg Dietzel (bachelor theses) and Tchoucham Reine Lidwine (research internship). Good luck in the lab!

February 2022

We welcome Sabine Schacht as our secretary and Chuxin Wang for her 4-week internship.

December 2021

We welcome Shreya Unone as part of our group, who just started her Master-thesis in our group.

May 2021

Six master’s students are doing their research internships with us this semester!
Many thanks to Shreya Unone, Sven Rosendahl, Petr Melichar, Sotirios Pavlidis, Sven Trienes and André Korzun for their commitment in the laboratory and the interest in our research!

February 2021

Shahilan Ratnam (MSc, Bielefeld University) is starting as the first doctoral student and will focus on the catalytic activation of azoline derivatives.

October 2020

Dr. Daniel Janssen-Müller starts his habilitation as a Liebig-fellow at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen.

"Many thanks to everyone who supported me, especially to Prof. Dr. Lutz Ackermann, Prof. Dr. Frank Glorius, Prof. Dr. Ruben Martin and Prof. Dr. Martin Oestreich"