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East Asian Studies/Chinese as a Foreign Language (B.A.) (two subjects/teaching profession)


The modern world language Chinese is now offered as an elective subject at more than 70 secondary schools and grammar schools throughout Germany, and at some even as an Abitur subject. GAU is one of the few universities where you can study modern Chinese in combination with a second teaching subject (D, E, Fr, Sp, Lat, M, Ph, others on application) with the professional goal of becoming a teacher. Previous knowledge of Chinese is not required for this. The study program, which focuses on Chinese language training, is continued with the Master of Education, which is followed by teacher training at a teacher training college and a school.

East Asian Studies/Chinese as a foreign language
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) (2-subjects/teaching profession)
Standard period of study:
6 semesters
Only the winter semester
Language of the programme:
open (enrolment without previous application)

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The programme provides basic qualifications in modern Chinese standard language (both spoken and written) as a prerequisite for the mastery of everyday communication. The fifth semester is spent at a Chinese or Taiwanese partner university.

One great strength of the Göttingen Sinology Department is its excellent language training programme. The language is taught exclusively by Chinese native speakers and in groups of less than 15 students. To enable you to consolidate and extend your language proficiency also in a Chinese-speaking environment, we will provide you with intensive support in preparing and implementing your study abroad. Through long-term cooperation with universities in mainland China and Taiwan and regular monitoring of the learning progress achieved in these countries, we ensure optimal language training for our students also during their study abroad.

This degree program focuses on language acquisition, but knowledge of history, society, politics, history of ideas, etc. is also essential for a deeper understanding of a language and culture. Therefore, we encourage you to use the optional area to study modules from the "Modern Sinology" and "Modern China" subjects that deal with these topics.

Some courses or sub-modules build on others. The prerequisites for attending certain modules can be found in the respective valid module handbook

First and foremost, this program is designed to train teachers of Chinese in high schools. If you do not want to become a teacher in the end, that is not tragic. The professional fields that are open to graduates of the 2-subject Bachelor's program Chinese as a Foreign Language are also open to you.

The teacher training program continues with the Master of Education in Chinese as a Foreign Language.

Knowledge of English and another modern foreign language, each at least at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, is recommended.

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Regulations and module directory

Combination of subjects for the teaching profession

Some combinations of subjects with Chinese must be approved:


Winter semester only
1st subject semester:
open admission (enrolment without previous application)
2nd to 6th subject semester:
open admission (enrolment without previous application)

Non-German citizens without a German educational qualification

Citizen from a non-EU country (or stateless person)

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