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Applied Computer Science (B.Sc.)


Applied Computer Science (B.Sc.)
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Full-time studies or Part-time studies
Standard period of study:
6 semesters
Only the winter semester
Language of the programme:
open (enrolment without previous application)
Orientation events:
at the begin of your studies orientation events are offered
A pre-course in computer science and a pre-course in mathematics are offered.

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Computer Science is the science of systematic and automated processing of information. It deals with the structures, characteristics and description possibilities of information and information processing as well as the set-up, working methods and construction principles of computer systems. General working methods in information processing and general methods of their application in different fields are explored. Contents also include the development of experimental and product-oriented information processing systems of modern conception. Computer Science can be subdivided into the areas of Theoretical Computer Science, Practical Computer Science, Technical Computer Sciences as well as Applied Computer Science.

Students will deal with the possibilities of structuring, formalizing and mathematising application areas in the form of special models and simulations. They will acquire knowledge in the engineering aspect of software system development for different application areas under special consideration of the high adaptability and man-computer-interaction of such systems.

The programme aims to convey the basic knowledge of the subject of Computer Science in theory and practice as well as in regards to an application subject. This comprises methods to solve application problems and their implementation in a computer-suited form.

Special emphasis is placed on the close connection with the application subject. In addition, the practical reference can be expanded with external internships, which are to take place in an industrial business or a research institution.

Whoever chooses to study Computer Science should be interested in a mathematical formal as well as application-related practical working method. The ability to work in a team is an important requirement for a later occupation. Knowledge of the English language, especially in programming, is not required.

Do you enjoy working with computers or mathematics, but are also interested in biology, economics, medicine or the humanities? Then Göttingen is the right place for you!

You can study Computer Science in Göttingen as Applied Computer Science in the Bachelor's and Master's programmes. During your studies, we will teach you the theoretical and mathematical basics of computer science and offer you the opportunity to further deepen your knowledge of the broad range of topics in core computer science. Depending on your interests, you can also choose a major to specialise in an application area. This will give you an insight into the latest technologies used in the respective subject areas and experience research-oriented teaching in very different, subject-specific and sometimes very practical forms of teaching.

Possible specialisations include, for example, business informatics, neuroinformatics, bioinformatics or geoinformatics.

Studying at the Institute of Computer Science at Göttingen University enables you to enter innovative professional fields. With a sound education in the field of applied computer science, you can contribute to the technologies of the future, whether in medicine and biotechnology, business, the geosciences or environmental technology and ecosystem research.

Computer scientists are needed in more and more disciplines. They work in banks, industrial companies or social institutions, at universities or in cancer research, they develop computer games and apps as well as robots, medical technology applications and much more. Typical fields of work are:

  • Soft and hardware development
  • Further development and adaptation of application systems and networks
  • Counselling and training
  • Research and teaching

By choosing an application subject in the Applied Computer Science degree programme, possible occupational fields become even more differentiated. The career opportunities for graduates of Applied Computer Science are excellent due to the interdisciplinary study programme.

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In the Bachelor's programme, students first acquire basic knowledge in mathematics (36 C) and computer science (20 C), including programming. The programme continues with compulsory modules and elective modules in the field of core computer science (40 credits). The key competencies (20 C) include programming courses and internships, but non-subject-specific key competencies can also be included in the degree programme, such as a language course. Students complete 42 C in their chosen specialisation. In addition, you have 10 C to choose from. At the end of the Bachelor's programme, students write their Bachelor's thesis (12 C).

Exemplary study plans for different specialisations can be found in the German-only examination and study regulations from page 9 onwards.

An exemplary first semester timetable can be viewed on the programme homepage.

Regulations and module directory


Winter semester only
1st subject semester:
open admission (enrolment without previous application)
2nd to 6th subject semester:
open admission (enrolment without previous application)

Non-German citizens without a German educational qualification

Citizen from a non-EU country (or stateless person)


Academic Advising

Office of Dean of Studies Computer Science
Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Student Advisory Service
Goldschmidtstr. 7
37077 Göttingen