Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Standard period of study
6 semesters
Starting semester
Winter semester
Teaching language
Open (enrolment without previous application)
Credit-points (ECTS)


Computer science is the science of the systematic and automated processing of information. It deals with the structures, the properties and the description possibilities of information and information processing as well as with the structure, the mode of operation and the construction principles of computer systems. Fundamental procedures of information processing and general methods of their application in various fields are explored. The content also includes the development of experimental and product-oriented information processing systems of modern conception. Computer science can be subdivided into the areas of theoretical computer science, practical computer science, technical computer science and applied computer science.

The students deal with the possibilities of structuring, formalizing and mathematizing application areas in the form of special models and simulations. They acquire knowledge of the engineering development of software systems for different application areas with special consideration of the high adaptability and human-computer interaction of such systems.

The aim of the programme is to teach the fundamentals of the subject of computer science in theory and practice as well as in relation to an application subject. This includes methods for solving application problems and their implementation in computer-compatible form.

Specialized studies

In the area of specialized studies, the student learns basic knowledge and solution approaches of mathematics and computer science, which can then be deepened in the area of core computer science.

Area of Professionalization

In the area of professionalization, students have the opportunity to choose a study profile in order to profile themselves according to individual and subject-specific inclinations and career aspirations and to acquire basic key competencies for further studies or professional practice.
In the professionalization area, a specialization covering different application areas can be selected, e.g., Bioinformatics, Neuroscience etc.

Bachelor thesis

After successful completion of all modules of the specialized studies as well as the compulsory modules of the area of professionalization, students can write the bachelor thesis in the chosen specialization or in the area of applied computer science to complete their bachelor studies.

Applied computer science offers many majors. You can get an overview of them on this website

Computer scientists are needed in almost all disciplines. The typical fields of work for computer scientists are:Software and hardware development; consulting and training; further development and adaptation of application systems; maintenance and care of computer networks; training and teaching; research and development.

Depending on the application subject, graduates also have access to different professional fields.

The career opportunities for graduates of Applied Computer Science look very promising due to their interdisciplinary studies. Modern IT systems are now so complex and interconnected that well-trained specialists are in high demand.

Admission requirements

An indispensable prerequisite for starting a course of studies is always documentary evidence of university entrance qualification (in German "Hochschulzugangsberechtigung", or HZB). This qualification can be acquired in various ways either at school or through gainful employment.

See more at: Entry requirements at Göttingen University
The Bachelor's programme "Applied Computer Science" is a German-language programme. Therefore, sufficient knowledge of the German language is required.
Knowledge of the English language is required.

See more at: Language requirements for international prospective students
If you want to study computer science, you don't have to be a math genius or a computer geek. All that is needed is a basic interest in mathematical-logical thinking and practical working methods. The ability to work in a team is an important prerequisite for later professional life. Specialized knowledge, especially in programming, is not a prerequisite for this programme.


Open admission (Enrollment without prior application)
Application Guide
Open admission (Enrollment without prior application)
Application Guide
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