Dr. Felicitas Nowak-Lehmann

Dr. Felicitas Nowak-Lehmann is a Senior Researcher at the the IAI (Ibero-America Institute for Economic Research) and the CeGe (Center for European, Governance and Economic Development Research) of the University of Goettingen. She is also member of the Centre for Global Migration Studies (CeMig) of the University of Goettingen.

She works as Coordinator and Lecturer of the International Master Program ‘MSc in Development Economics’. She studied Economics at the University of Regensburg and Statistics/Econometrics at the University of Colorado, Boulder, USA. In 1990 she received her Ph.D. from the Department of Economics of the University of Goettingen and was Assistant Professor at the Free University of Berlin from 1991 to 1994.

She has done consultancies for the Deutsche Bundestag, Bertelsmann Stiftung, UNDP, GIZ, ministries of international cooperation and development in Germany and the Netherlands and the Centre for Economic Policy Studies (CEPS) and IRELA in Brussels.

Dr. Nowak’s research interests comprise international trade, migration, applied development economics, in particular aid effectiveness. Her work has been published in the World Development Journa, the Journal of Common Market Studies, the World Economy, the Review of World Economics, the Journal of Development Studies, the Canadian Journal of Economics, Applied Economics, Applied Economic Analysis etc.