Dr. Adriana R. Cardozo Silva

Dr. Adriana Cardozo Silva is a postdoctoral researcher at the Ibero-America Institute for Economic Research, led by Prof. Dr. Andreas Fuchs. Until September 2021, she conducted research on the impact of migration on wages, the impact of Covid-19 on remittances, and the relationship between remittances and poverty in Latin America. After receiving her PhD in economics from the University of Göttingen, she worked as an economic analyst at the World Bank, where she co-authored several technical reports on poverty and economic growth and on the impact of regional trade agreements on income distribution in Central America. She also worked as a Research Fellow for the Inter-American Development Bank and as a consultant for several development cooperation organizations (including GIZ and Oxfam).  Ms. Cardozo is currently on leave working for the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) as a migration researcher.