Dear fellow PhD students,

My name is Daniel. Since August 2019 I have been working as a research assistant in the project Schlözer Programme Teacher Education at the Institute for Diversity Research, where I am also doing my doctorate. In my PhD, I am working on migration and integration discourses in political education textbooks and the ideas of difference and normality articulated in them. Before coming to Göttingen, I first completed a Studium Generale in Tübingen and then studied Sociology in Freiburg and Lima.

As the current doctoral student representative of the Faculty of Social Sciences, I have already been able to gain experience in representing the interests of doctoral students, and I take a lot of inspiration with me from this activity. I am already working closely with the current PhD representation of the GGG and would like to continue some of the processes initiated in the next term of office. The following topics are particularly close to my heart:

• Increased participation of PhD students in shaping the course programme and other doctoral-related activities – i.e. the possibility of introducing their own needs and (also interdisciplinary) topics and implementing them with sufficient funding.

• Making the rights of PhD students more visible and addressing conflictual supervision relationships – e.g. as part of a welcome day for new doctoral researchers.

• Representing the interests of PhD students in view of the austerity measures affecting all faculties.

Beyond that, I would be happy to be there for your concerns from the different faculties and to bring them into the work of the GGG. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Best regards