About us

The Göttingen Graduate School of Social Sciences (GGG) is responsible for PhD students and supervisors from the social sciences faculties (Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economic Sciences and Faculty of Social Sciences).
The main tasks of our Graduate School include:

Göttingen Interdisciplinary Graduate School (GIGS)
All PhD students at the University of Göttingen are member of a graduate school. The four graduate schools at Goettingen University are tailored to the respective cultures of Humanities, Social -, Agricultural and Forest- as well as Natural Sciences and Mathematics (GSGG, GGG, GFA, GAUSS). The specific needs are realized by the representatives of the faculties and of the PhD students.
The schools cooperate closely as Göttingen Interdisciplinary Graduate Schools (GIGS) to offer interdisciplinary services for all doctoral students in doctoral programs and research training groups as well as for doctoral candidates working individually at Goettingen Campus.