NuVi - Utilization of GP video consultations in Germany

The use of video consultations has been discussed for several years in the context of the digitalization in health care. Video consultations can improve the efficiency and quality of medical care by reducing travel and waiting times as well as stress for patients and improving the monitoring of disease progression. At the same time, video consultations imply a number of challenges. Physical examination of patients is not possible, which increases the importance of clear communication between physicians and patients. However, such clear communication is often difficult in a videoconference because of the limited richness of the transferred information. This makes it difficult for physicians to obtain relevant information from patients, to make a diagnosis and to communicate it.

Aim of project:
The research project examines the introduction and use of video consultations in primary care in Germany on the basis of a qualitative research design. A particular focus is on the question of how a high quality of care can be ensured.

Principal investigator: Dr. Clarissa E. Weber
Project team: Christian Kortkamp, M.Sc., Marilena Diel, M.Sc.
Cooperation partner: Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Niedersachsen (KVN)