Our aim of the lecture is to provide students with knowledge about the management science and to enable them to put this knowledge into practice. We support our stundents in developing analytical-conceptual skills, a critical judgement and social competences. In order to succeed, we use innovative teaching concepts , e.g. electronic voting systems or internet-based quiz questions in our lectures.

Thus we best possible prepare our students for their professional future in leading positions. The teaching contents are relevant across all industries and can be applied to a huge variety of positions. Typical occupational fields for graduates lie e.g. in the assistance of the management board, the business or corporate development, the strategy or business creations.


In the table below, you will find the entire range of courses offered by the Chair of Organization and Corporate Development. Both current and background information can be found under the respective event links.
Type Duration Credits SuTe 23 WiTe 23/24 SuTe 24 WiTe 24/25 SoTe 25 WiTe
Bachelor courses
Organizational Design and Change L/T Regular 6
Management and Organization L/T Regular 6 Exam Exam Exam
Seminar Management and Organization Seminar Regular 6
Projectseminar Foundation management Seminar Regular 6
Fundamentals of negotiation Block seminar Fr/Sa 0
Master courses
Corporate Development (English) L/T Regular 6 T/Exam T/Exam T/Exam
Empirical Methods and Skills L Regular 6
International Management (English) L October-December 6 Exam Exam Exam
Leadership L Regular 6
Organizational Theories L October-December 6
Organizational Behaviour L Regular 6
Process management L Regular 6
Empirical Seminar Social Network Analysis Seminar Regular 6
Seminar Corporate Development Seminar Regular 6
Fundamentals of negotiation Block seminar Fr/Sa 0
Master colloquium Colloquium Regular
PhD program
Doctoral Colloquium Colloquium Regular
*L = lecture *T = tutorial *E= exam
Here you can find the events in UniVZ

Information on final theses

Due to our diverse teaching content and research interests, the Chair of Organization and Corporate Development offers an extensive and versatile range of topics for theses. The focus is on the theoretically well-founded treatment of practically relevant issues. Topics in the area of corporate cooperation, strategic alliances, innovative business models, process management, interprofessional cooperation and international business operations are just a few examples. The range of objects of study is also broad, extending from historical organizations to sharing economy organizations to technology-based startup companies.

Information about scientific work

Within the framework of the supervision of seminar papers and theses, we attach great importance to creating a balance between support and autonomy in accordance with our supervision philosophy. This means that you can actively and independently design your work, but also find a contact person with us if your editing process requires more intensive supervision. With the following three modules, we prepare you for scientific work:

In the kick-off event for the bachelor's and master's seminar, we will give you an overview of the content as well as concrete advice on scientific work. Through this event you will know the process, preparation and structure of a scientific paper. You will be familiar with research, development and citation of literature sources. You will receive tips so that you can meet the requirements that are placed on you in the context of a scientific paper.

Detailed explanations of formal requirements as well as information on the content development and preparation of scientific papers can be found here:

Individual supervision sessions ensure that we support you with specific questions regarding your seminar paper or thesis. This concerns in particular the discussion of the synopsis and the outline of your thesis, but also other specific questions that arise during the preparation of your thesis. In order to provide you with the best possible support, we expect you to make an appointment in good time and to prepare the meeting carefully. Please send us the documents required for the appointment no later than the day before.