Chair of Organization and Corporate Development

Corona virus: General information of the chair

  • The crisis surrounding the corona virus has led to far-reaching measures by the university management to prohibit the further spread of the virus. Therefore, all employees are working from home and can be contacted at any time by e-mail for questions! The personal consultation hours are continued via Skype or telephone.
  • All exams until 02.06.2020 are cancelled. The resit exam International Management that was originally scheduled for April 28, 2020 will take place on June 16, 2020 in form of a take home exam. Please see below for further information.
  • You will be informed as soon as possible about the offer of examinations based on the general procedure at the university.
  • Examination reviews: Due to given reasons there are currently no examination reviews taking place. We will inform you in time about catch-up dates. The period for filing a possible objection only begins on the day of the inspection.
  • If you have organizational questions, you can contact Mrs. Bettina Färber by phone or e-mail. The opening hours of the secretariat are Monday to Thursday from 8am to 1pm.

Corona Virus: Current information on the courses offered by the chair

Teaching curriculum – Summer term 2020:
All courses of the chair will be conducted online!

In light of the recent corona crisis, our chair offers its courses in the summer term 2020 in a distant learning format. It is our goal to maintain our teaching curriculum (starting April 20th) for our students with as little disruptions as possible. To do so, we are exploring new ways, which support teaching and discussing of contents as well as answering students’ questions. Given the variety of our teaching, we offer tailored solutions for our individuals courses; that is solutions which are adapted to content, format, and students. We will continually adapt these solutions to the ongoing development of the crisis.

The course “Management and Organization” deals with the basics of strategic management and organizational design. The corresponding tutorial aims at applying the lecture’s content to specific case studies.
You will be able to download lecture slides and literature via StudIP.Additionally, starting April 21th, we will provide you with weekly (every Tuesday) mediacasts that deal with the lecture’s contents. You will find these mediacasts on StudIP where we will also inform you about new contents and give you up-to-date examples from corporate practice. You can use the StudIP discussion board to ask us questions regarding course contents. We will make sure to answer them daily. Furthermore, we will offer you a quiz once each chapter is finished that will help you deepen your understanding of the contents.
The exercise will be take place in the end of the lecture period. Further information under "Tutorial: Management and Organization".
Planned date of the exam: July 24th 2020.


Die Übung „Unternehmensführung und Organisation“ vertieft Vorlesungsinhalte und vermittelt die Anwendung dieser auf konkrete Fallstudien.
Es wird insgesamt drei Übungen zu ausgewählten Inhalten der Vorlesung geben. Die Übungsinhalte werden Ihnen als Crashkurs ab dem 22. Juni im Wochenturnus in Form von Mediacasts in StudIP zum Download bereitgestellt. Als zusätzliches Übungsmaterial finden Sie jeweils Übungsaufgaben mit Musterlösungen in StudIP. Wir informieren Sie durch StudIP Ankündigungen über neue Inhalte. Für Verständnisfragen zu den Übungsinhalten steht Ihnen das StudIP Forum zur Verfügung, in dem wir Ihre Fragen beantworten.
Über das Klausurangebot werden Sie später auf Basis der allgemeinen Vorgehensweise an der Universität Göttingen informiert (momentan geplanter Klausurtermin: 24. Juli 2020).


Die Veranstaltung „Projektseminar Gründungsmanagement“ vermittelt zunächst in sechs Vorlesungen wesentliche Kenntnisse für die Planung und das Management einer Unternehmensgründung. Die Vorlesungen starten virtuell am Dienstag, den 21.04.2020. Vorlesungsinhalte werden laufend mit ergänzender Begleitliteratur in StudIP bereitgestellt.
In einem zweiten Teil der Veranstaltung erarbeiten die Studierenden dann eigene Businesspläne. Die Betreuung erfolgt über Telefon, Skype oder Email.
Die Businesspläne werden abschließend im Rahmen zweier Blockveranstaltungstage im Plenum präsentiert und diskutiert. Das Blockseminar (geplant am 30.06.2020 und 01.07.2020) wird online stattfinden.


Die Veranstaltung „Grundlagen der Verhandlungsführung“ beschäftigt sich mit effektiven Strategien der Verhandlungsführung in Theorie und vor allem auch in praktischer Anwendung. Vorträge aus der Unternehmenspraxis, Arbeit in Kleingruppen und gruppendynamische Verfahren unterstützen die Vermittlung und Einübung der Verhandlungsführung als einer wichtigen Soft Skill der Managementpraxis.
Die Veranstaltung ist für Freitag, den 19.06.2020 und Samstag, den 20.06.2020 geplant. Zeitnah werden weitere Informationen zu Format und Ablauf der Veranstaltung auf unserer Homepage veröffentlicht!



The lecture introduces models and strategies of corporate development. It focuses on tracks and drivers of corporate development processes, strategies to grow company size (e.g. via M&A or strategic alliances) as well as ways to reduce company size (e.g. via downsizing).
You may download lecture slides and corresponding literature from StudIP. Additionally you find a weekly Mediacast in StudIP, starting on April 20th, 2020). Please contact Prof. Maurer or Mark Okraku via Email for questions regarding lecture content.

Please make sure to consider our complementary tutorial, which will help you deepen the lecture’s contents.


The tutorial complements the lecture to help you solidify its contents. With the help of businesses cases, students learn how to apply the theoretical tools and concepts taught in the lecture in order to deal with the ambiguity of real situations. The tutorial will be designed as a three-week crash course starting June 29th. Each week contains one tutorial with two separate business cases for you to complete during your self-study.
Supported by mediacasts, exercise sheets, sample solutions, and weekly interactive question times (via StudIP forum), we will guide you through the six businesses cases. Lastly, you will have the opportunity to take a mock exam to put your learning progress to the test.
Please take note of our StudIP announcements for more detailed information (schedule, exercises etc.). We will continue to provide you with the latest information via StudIP.


The lecture deals with current debates on behavior in organizations. The topics cover basics of organizational behavior, motivation, emotion, team work, conflict management, organizational culture, and organizational change.
You will be able to download lecture slides and literature via StudIP. Additionally, starting April 21th, we will provide you with weekly (every Tuesday) mediacasts that deal with the lecture’s contents. You will find these mediacasts on StudIP. If you have any questions regarding the contents of the lecture, you can contact Dr. Marion Brehm via e-mail (
On StudIP we will further provide you with additional practice material in the form of questions from previous exams and the corresponding solutions.The arrangements for the exam will depend on the university’s general course of action. We will inform you concerning this matter as soon as possible.
Planned date of the exam: September 1st 2020.


The course comprises topics of strategic and operative process management. The contents will be approached with the help of case studies from corporate practice. The kick-off date is May 4th 2020.
On our website, we will shortly provide you with further information on the application, format, procedure, and appointments of the course.


This seminar for master students deals with the topic of “Process management and interprofessional collaboration: Analysis and optimization of processes in the healthcare industry.” Supervision of the students’ work is currently conducted via phone, skype, or e-mail. If the closing event of the seminar on May 6th 2020 cannot take place, we will offer an interactive webinar instead, in which the individual groups can present their results. Participants of the seminar will be informed in greater detail.


Thank you very much for your patience regarding the resit exam in International Management that was originally scheduled for April 28, 2020 - but could not take place due to Covid-19 restrictions. We have tried to find a viable and fair alternative to hold the exam and have now decided in close cooperation with the examination office to hold the resit exam as a take-home exam on June 16, 2020. This allows you to take the exam contactless from your home. Furthermore, it allows you to take the exam before the usual exam time starts at the end of the current semester, while at the same time providing you with four weeks of preparation time. Please read the following information carefully:

  • On June 16, 2020 we will send out the exam via email at 9 am (Central European Summer Time; that is: German time) in the morning to your Uni-Göttingen-student email account. If you do not receive our email, you need to contact us within the first 15 minutes. We will provide two phone numbers and two email addresses shortly before the exam. If you have not contacted us until 9:15, we assume that you have received the exam questions.
  • The exam tasks will be similar to our usual exams, but will have a stronger focus on the case study and on knowledge application instead of general explanations of concepts. As always, it is a good idea to have a look at our old exams, particularly at those tasks, which refer to cases and concrete (real and fictional) examples.
  • Instead of 90 minutes, you will have a time frame of 4 hours to complete the 90-points-exam. However, there will be a maximum number of words per tasks – that is, you cannot write as much as you want, but need to adapt your answer to this limit. In case your answer exceeds the word limit, we will stop marking as soon as the word limit has been reached. As always in our exams, your answers need to be presented in full sentences, not in bullet points.
  • You return your exam via email to me, both as a pdf and as a Word document. After returning your exam, you will receive a confirmation within one hour. Exams that are not returned or returned too late will be graded as failed (5.0). Again, if you encounter problems when sending the exam, you need to contact us within 15 minutes via phone or email.
  • Please make sure that you are registered for the exam! Exam tasks will only be sent to those students who are registered via the examination office (Prüfungsamt). The new exam date will be available for registration as of today.

  • If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Clarissa Weber:[at]

    Welcome to the Chair of Organization and Corporate Development.

    The Chair of Organization and Corporate Development is both in research and teaching concerned with the configuration and development of organizations in a dynamic environment. The efficient configuration of organizational structures and processes is an important part for organizations in order to face the challenges of global competition and to be successful in the long term. But not only the internal development but also external possibilities for development build an important strategic tool, like the formation of network relationships with affiliates and external growth. Within these areas we provide students with practice-oriented knowledge and contribute to current research.

    Current lectures & seminars in summer term 2020

    Planned lectures & seminars in winter term 2020/21