Chair of Organization and Corporate Development

Welcome to the Chair of Organization and Corporate Development!

The Chair of Organization and Corporate Development is both in research and teaching concerned with the configuration and development of organizations in a dynamic environment. The efficient configuration of organizational structures and processes is an important part for organizations in order to face the challenges of global competition and to be successful in the long term. But not only the internal development but also external possibilities for development build an important strategic tool, like the formation of network relationships with affiliates and external growth. Within these areas we provide students with practice-oriented knowledge and contribute to current research.

Courses offered in WiSe 21/22: Focus on face-to-face teaching!

In light of the developments in the coronavirus crisis and based on the general approach at the university, the focus for the teaching program of our professorship in the winter semester will be on presence. This means that our courses will be offered as face-to-face formats whenever possible; large courses are planned as online formats. Our goal is to maintain the teaching program and the daily study routine in Göttingen for our students in the best possible way. To achieve this, we are exploring new ways to support the delivery of course content, the answering of comprehension questions, and the discussion of topic areas. Due to the diversity of event formats, we offer a customized solution for each event, i.e., one that is tailored to the content, format, and students. We will continue to adapt these solutions to developments in the coronavirus crisis: