Controlling in the Digital Age
- Course M.WIWI-BWL.0152 -

Course for Master's degree programs

Brief overview
What? How?
Offering frequency every summer semester
Type of event Lecture
Recommended prior knowledge Basic knowledge in Controlling (e.g. B.WIWI- BWL.0035 Management Accounting and Control)
Type of examination Written exam (90 min)
Credits 6
Teaching format Presence
Prerequisite for participation none
Lecturer Prof. Dr. Michael Wolff, Dr. Yannik Gehrke

Overview of the most important dates
What? When?
Lecture thursdays, 14:15 – 15:45
ZHG 104
Exam Thursday, 18.07.2024, 14:15 – 15:45
ZHG 009


This course deals with the effects of digitalization on various aspects of corporate management. First of all, the approaches that can be used to evaluate and manage digital business models will be discussed, and the possible special features of these management approaches compared to traditional approaches to corporate management will also be addressed. For this purpose, concepts such as the Business Canvas or the Business Model Navigator are presented. In the next step, typical tasks of corporate management and controlling, such as corporate planning, will be discussed to show how management processes can be designed more efficiently and effectively. Various aspects of Big Data, Business Analytics and Digital Finance will be addressed. During the lectures, the application of the learned contents will be practiced using various examples

Further information

  • The registration for the exam until 7 days before the exam date on FlexNow
  • Further information and materials for the lecture and exercise can be found on Stud.IP

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the concepts, dimensions, and limitations of digitizing control systems and processes by naming, explaining, and calculating in appropriate assignments.
  • The application of the acquired knowledge to practical tasks.