CIDAS-Fellowship 2024

The Campus Institute Data Science (CIDAS) is a central scientific unit of the Georg-August-University Göttingen. CIDAS promotes interdisciplinary exchange and activities among faculties and campus-wide in the field of data science. The CIDAS offers scholarships to outstanding young scientists who want to pursue their own innovative research agenda in the field of data science and artificial intelligence.

Funding Objectives:
CIDAS supports young scientists at an early stage of their career to independently develop projects and to create a perspective to work independently for several years at the Göttingen Campus in the field of Data Science. In particular, the collaboration between methodological or theoretical researchers and applied scientists at the Göttingen Campus and within CIDAS should be promoted. The application should describe the career perspectives of the applicant and show how it opens a path to scientific independence and own third-party funding.

Who can apply:
Outstanding young scientists who are in the final phase of their PhD (last year) or early postdoc phase (maximum 2 years after completing the PhD) with an idea for their own research project in the field of Data Science. This can be in the fundamentals of Data Science, applied Data Science, or in the social science aspects of Data Science. The project should be a collaboration with at least one member of CIDAS. Other collaborations with groups outside CIDAS are also possible and encouraged. If the applicant is not already a CIDAS member, they will become members upon approval of the application. The position can be used in particular for preparatory work for a subsequent application for a research grant or an independent research group.

Scope of funding:
The funding of the Fellowship includes up to €75,000 each, which can be used, for example, to fund the applicant's own position*.

Documents to be submitted:

  • Description of the research idea (max. 5 pages), incl.:
    - Clearly defined content-related goals, comprehensible time and cost schedule
    - Possible perspectives after the project, career perspectives, possibly plan for external funding
    - Planned collaboration with CIDAS members and other scientists
    - Innovation of the application
  • Curriculum vitae

  • Letter of recommendation from the supervisor or mentor, including a workplace (incl. infrastructure) commitment for the period to be funded. The mentor should not have previously served as the applicant’s PhD supervisor.

Deadline: Sunday, October 29th, 2023
Application by e-mail to:
*Decision subject to personnel law possibilities.

Further procedure:
The applications received will be thoroughly reviewed and decided upon by the CIDAS Board and its representatives immediately after the deadline. At the time of application, CIDAS membership is not required. Membership in CIDAS is only required when approved funds are used. The funds are to be spent immediately after approval. The funds will be allocated by CIDAS or the University of Göttingen.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the CIDAS management: Dr. Isabelle Matthias (

CIDAS-Fellowship 2024


Dr. Timo Janßen
E-mail: timo.janssen(at)
Projekt: Efficient event generation in high energy physics with Normalizing Flows and Optimal Transport


Heiner Heiland
E-mail: heiner.heiland(at)
Project: The Social Construction of Algorithms

Fellowships 2022:

Dr. Helena Bestová
E-mail: helena.bestova(at)
Project: Natural language processing and an automated trait-mining workflows for
studying plant size distributions on islands

Dr. Daniel Härtter
Email: daniel.haertter(at)
Project: Finding the tipping point in dilated cardiomyopathies: A dynamical systems' analysis of single
cardiomyocytes functional and morphological long-term trajectories using big data

Prof. Dr. Constantin Pape
Email: constantin.pape(at)
Project: Image segmentation with minimal supervision for live-cell imaging

Fellowships 2021:

Dr. Fatemeh Ziaeetabar
Department for Computational Neuroscience
Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience
III Physikalisches Institut-Biophysik
Office: E01.104
Friedrich-Hund Platz 1 37077, Göttingen Germany
Tel: +49 (0) 15253766570
E-mail: fziaeetabar [at]
Project: Construction of a system to describe the actions of several actors and exemplary application for the semantically-layered annotation of video image sequences

Shishan Yang
Data Fusion Group
Institute für Informatik
Office: 3.101,
Goldschmidtstr. 7, 37077 Göttingen
Tel: +49 (0) 551 39 172030
Email: shishan.yang [at]
Project: Efficient Tracking based on Probabilistic Registration of Automotive Radar Data

Anne Berner
Statistics and Econometrics
Office: 2.103
Humboldtallee 3, 37073 Göttingen
Tel: +49 (0) 551 39 24605
Email: anne.berner [at]
Project: Trade-off or synergy? Energy-related emissions and digitalization in the manufacturing industry