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The Campus Institute Data Science (CIDAS) is a central scientific unit of the Georg-August-University. CIDAS promotes interdisciplinary exchange and activities, among faculties and campus-wide, in the field of data science. This particularly applies to coordination and further development of activities in research, teaching and knowledge transfer.


NDR Science Podcast Synapses on Opportunities and Risks of AI
CIDAS members Bela Gipp and Norman Meuschke discuss the use of AI in university teaching and research

The rapid technological progress of artificial intelligence is fundamentally changing numerous areas of application. Alongside optimism, there are also increasing concerns and calls for stricter regulation.

In the current episode of the NDR Science Podcast Synapses , scientists discuss the question "No fear of artificial intelligence?" They explore the possibilities and consequences of AI application, ethical foundations and concerns, as well as the pros and cons of technology regulation.

CIDAS members Prof. Bela Gipp and Dr. Norman Meuschke participate in the discussion. In the podcast, they talk predominantly about the prospects, challenges, and experiences of using generative language models like ChatGPT in university teaching and research.

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