Andreas Basse

Dear fellow PhD students,
my name is Andreas Basse and I have been a research assistant and Ph.D student at the Chair of Public Law since August 2020. I am particularly focused on canon law and constitutional church law at the chair of Professor Heinig. In this context, I am mainly involved in the coordination of the exam course. This exam course is mostly a university revision course that prepares law students for the First State Examination.
As part of my doctoral project, I am taking a closer look at the prehistory of the separation of state and church in the 19th and early 20th centuries. In doing so, I am looking for different factors and lines of development using the example of three Protestant regional churches.
During my studies, I was widely involved in university politics, especially at the Faculty of Law. During this time, I have been working as a student council speaker and president of the student council parliament. Moreover, I was also a member of the budget planning committee.
For the upcoming term, I am planning to strengthen networking among PhD students working in Social Sciences. For example, regular exchange meetings could be considered, in which doctoral projects can be discussed, but also the challenges within the framework of the dissertation.
Furthermore, it is specifically important to me to expand the GGG's programme of events for doctoral students and to continue to work on maintaining and increasing the high quality of the programs.
I would be more than happy to become a permanent mediator between professors, university administration and PhD students. Don't be shy, I am more than willing to help and to support a smooth communication between all parties involved.
Kind regards, Andreas Basse