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9-Euro-Ticket: Information on refund/reimbursement

With the introduction of the "9-Euro-Ticket" as part of the Federal Government's relief package, all students with a semester ticket who are enrolled at Göttingen University in the summer semester 2022 will have a credit balance of 69.48€.

For students who wish to continue their studies:

If you continue your studies at Göttingen University in the winter semester 2022/23, a credit of 69,48€ will be credited to you when you re-register. We therefore recommend that you re-register by direct debit, as the credit is already entered there and therefore the correct amount for the re-registration will be deducted from your account.

If you have so far only made your re-registration by bank transfer, you will find instructions for re-registration by direct debit here.

If you still prefer to re-register by bank transfer, please make sure that you transfer the correct amount for re-registration.You can find the fee that applies to you in eCampus. Please note, however, that you still have to deduct the credit balance manually from the total amount.

For students who do not wish to continue their studies:

If you do not wish to continue your studies at Göttingen University in the winter semester 2022/23, we ask you to apply for exmatriculation on a date of your choice (e.g. the end of the semester on 30 September 2022). The credit balance will then be automatically refunded to you within a few weeks.

If you do not wish to continue your studies but do not exmatriculate yourself, you must first wait to be exmatriculated by the university by law. In these cases, the refund of the credit will be delayed until December.


For the summer semester 2022, 50.90€ was charged for the bus semester ticket and 142.07€ for the train semester ticket. Together, this amounts to 192.97€.
Since the semester ticket is valid for six months, this corresponds to a monthly value of 32.16€ (192.97€ divided by six). Because of the "9-Euro-Ticket", for the months of June, July and August, there was an overpayment of €23.16 each (€32.16 minus €9). Adding up this sum for the three months results in a credit balance of 69.48€ (23.16€ times three).

If you have overpayed the amount of 69,48€ we kindly ask for your patience. We will automatically transfer the overpaid amount back to you within the next week.

For technical reasons, we unfortunately have to ask you to enrol with the regular fee for the summer semester 2022. When you re-register for the winter semester, the credit of €69.48 will then be refunded to you.

You do not have to take any action yourself. We will automatically transfer your credit back to your account within four weeks.