List of Thesis Topics (BA & MA)

For the completion of their course of study, students of economic science can complete their thesis papers with the chair for economic policy and SME research (Doctorate, Bachelor and Master). If you are interested in writing a thesis paper in the following areas, please contact the respective supervisor directly. Individual topic suggestions are welcome, but should fit the research foci of our research assistants.

General Economic Policy

Experimental & Behavioural Economics

Environmental Economics

Art and Cultural Economics

  • Economic effects of cultural events (Supervision: Dario Gödecke)
  • Visitor and non-visitor surveys in selected cultural institutions (Supervision: Dario Gödecke)
  • Cultural economic approaches in practice (Supervision: Dario Gödecke)
  • Markets and market intervention with art property (Supervision: Dario Gödecke)
  • Economic analysis of cultural offerings and demands (Supervision: Dario Gödecke)
  • Economic effects of the UNESCO World Heritage Site title (Supervision: Dario Gödecke)
  • General support in this subject area (Supervision: Dario Gödecke)

Regional Economics

  • Effects of the demographic change in rural areas. An economic analysis (Supervision: Dario Gödecke)
  • Obstacles of inner development in municipalities (Supervision: Dario Gödecke)
  • Macroeconomic advantages and disadvantages of inner development in rural areas (Supervision: Dario Gödecke)
  • Cost-benefit analysis from selected measures of inner development in rural areas (Supervision: Dario Gödecke)
  • Sustainable settlement policy in rural areas (Supervision: Dario Gödecke)