Wintersemester 2022/2023


Seminar offering for the Bachelor program in Economics:

As of SoSe 2019, there is no longer an emphasis-based distinction in the Bachelor's program in Economics between the Economics Main-Seminar 1 (B.WIWI-VWL.0044) and the Economics Main-Seminar 2 (B.WIWI-VWL.0045). Instead, there are now three main economics seminars available (B.WIWI-VWL.0044; B.WIWI-VWL.0045 and B.WIWI-VWL.0046), each of which you can take once.

You must successfully complete one of the three modules as a mandatory seminar. Only after you have successfully completed the module B.WIWI-VWL.0044, B.WIWI-VWL.0045 resp. B.WIWI-VWL.0046 you can be admitted to the bachelor thesis. Each module can be repeated a maximum of two times, i.e. a failed attempt in one of the three modules will be attributed to the respective module regardless of the lecturer and course. An overview of the seminars offered in WiSe 2022/2023 can be found here:

UniVZModule descriptionLecturer
B.WIWI-VWL.0044, B.WIWI-VWL.0045 resp. B.WIWI-VWL.0046 Aktuelle Fragen der Finanz- und Steuerpolitik Schwager
B.WIWI-VWL.0044, B.WIWI-VWL.0045 resp. B.WIWI-VWL.0046 Hauptseminar Empirische Bildungsökonomie: herausforderungen und Lösungsansätze in Entwicklungsländern Priebe
B.WIWI-VWL.0044, B.WIWI-VWL.0045 resp. B.WIWI-VWL.0046 Hauptseminar Experimente im Globalen Süden: Ausgewählte Methoden und Beispiele Riener
B.WIWI-VWL.0044, B.WIWI-VWL.0045 resp. B.WIWI-VWL.0046 Minds, Society and Behavior Ibanez Diaz
B.WIWI-VWL.0044, B.WIWI-VWL.0045 resp. B.WIWI-VWL.0046 Seminar on Monetary Economics Berger
B.WIWI-VWL.0044, B.WIWI-VWL.0045 resp. B.WIWI-VWL.0046 Roots of Wealth and Inequality Strulik

Master-study programs: International Economics and Development Economics

UniVZModule descriptionLecturer
M.WIWI-VWL.0024 Challenges of Economic Development in Latin America Novak- Lehmann Danzinger
M.MIS.029 resp. M.WIWI-VWL.0083 Economic Reform and Social Justice in India Vollmer
M.WIWI-VWL.00X Games in Economic Development Ibanez Diaz
M.WIWI-VWL.0046 Games in Economic Development Martinez- Zarzoso
M.WIWI-VWL.0188 Ethics and Security in “Field Research” for Development Economics Kaplan
M.WIWI-VWL.0037 Finanzwissenschaftliches Forschungsseminar Schwager
M.WIWI-VWL.0025 Gender, Institutions and Behavior Zenker
M.WIWI-VWL.0063 Sustainable Development, Trade and Environment Martinez- Zarzoso
M.WIWI-QMW.0033 Current Topics in Applied Statistics Bergherr
M.WIWI-QMW.0035 Statistical and Deep Learning Kneib

* We make every effort to keep the seminar list up to date for you. In addition to this information, please consult the Uni-VZ, the chair homepages of the professorships as well as the course information and instructions in Stud.IP.