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Networks of the EU Office

The team of the EU Office of the University of Göttingen (except UMG) cooperates and networks on a professional level with other institutions that advise scientists on EU funding programmes in the field of research and innovation. In the following, we present four networks in which we are involved:

The EU-ReasoN network supports scientists at universities in Lower Saxony. It has its origins in four regional EU university offices, which were funded by the Lower Saxon Ministry of Science and Culture (MWK) in 1992. Today, the network comprises more than 40 experts who provide advice on all issues related to EU research funding:

  • From the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon Europe, to the European Structural and Investment Funds (ERDF, ESF, EAFRD, Interreg) to other European funding programs such as LIFE and COST,
  • from information and training to support for project applications,
  • from contract drafting to administrative project support.

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The BAK was founded in 1995 with the aim of strengthening EU advisory structures and further professionalizing the work of EU advisors. Through the network, information and experiences are exchanged, problems are discussed and university-specific solutions are found. As multipliers, the EU officers pass on their knowledge to the university leadership, the academic sector, administrations and cooperation partners.

The aim is to increase the proportion of EU-funded research projects at universities. The BAK would also like to contribute to establishing the topic of Europeanization of research more firmly in the university leaderships. It is composed of two delegates from each of the federal state working groups - in Lower Saxony, the delegates come from the EU-ReasoN network.
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The European network ENLIGHT consists of nine research-intensive universities that implement joint strategies for innovation in research and teaching to promote sustainable development and social engagement. Five global challenges are at the forefront: climate change; health and well-being; digital revolution and impact of digitization; energy and circular economy; equity.

The EU project ENLIGHT RISE (2021-2024) includes measures for structural convergence in the field of research and innovation. Among other things, the aim is to develop a joint research and innovation agenda.

The EU Office is involved in two work packages of ENLIGHT RISE: Work Package 1 (Establish a sustainable business model towards a collaborative R&I agenda) and Work Package 2 (Create synergies through R&I capacity building). In addition, the team of the EU Office is represented in the "Research and Innovation Support Group" (R&I-SG).
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The University of Göttingen is a founding member of the European university network "The Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities" (in short: The Guild). The network consists of 21 research-intensive universities based in Brussels and aims to create a distinctive voice for its members at the European level as well as to contribute to solving societal challenges. The Guild therefore liaises with policy makers, strengthens public debate and cooperates with private and public institutions.

The EU Office coordinates the Göttingen activities within The Guild network and is itself involved in some of the Guild working groups, such as Research Support Offices, Research and Innovation Policy.
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