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EU Office of the University of Göttingen

Raising external funds costs time and money, and ties up personnel. EU subsidies also have their own rules of the game. As scientists, you often first have to familiarise yourself with the diverse EU programmes. The EU Office of the University of Göttingen will assist you.

In addition, we support you throughout the entire project cycle: e.g. with the classification of your project idea in the appropriate funding format, with the preparation of the schedule and budget calculation as well as with the settlement of project costs including the preparation of audits.
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European Social Catalyst Fund (ESCF)

FlagsThe ESCF is a new initiative providing financial and capacity building support. It is co-funded by Horizon 2020, Genio, the Robert Bosch Stiftung and the King Baudouin Foundation. The grants support the development of detailed implementation plans aimed at reducing or overcoming social challenges. The deadline will expire on 15 April 2020. more...

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Information on Coronavirus and its consequences on EU projects

PaulinerkircheThe EU Commission summarised information on research projects tackling the spread of coronavirus on a respective website. You will find information on EU Commission's measures mitigating the limitations of the COVID-19 outbreak on applying and managing Horizon 2020 projects on the Funding and Tenders Portal. Moreover, the ERC shares information on a dedicated website.

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European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST)

LaborWebCOST is a transnational initiative that funds networking activities such as conferences, meetings, training schools, short scientific exchanges. COST does not fund research activities. A single-stage and bottom-up application procedure is applied. The next cut-off date will expire on 29 October 2020. more...

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