Mental stress

Risk assessment of mental stress
The risk assessment of psychological stress - a part of the risk assessment - is about the consideration of resources and stress that can result from the work content and the work task, the work organization, social interaction and cooperation as well as the workplace and work environment. In the end, it's all about answering the question "What must happen/can we do to make things better at work?".

Psychotherapeutic consultation hours for employees
The psychotherapeutic consultation hour for employees is a facility for all employees of the Georg-August University and the University Medical Center Göttingen.

Psychotherapeutic outpatient clinic for students
The psychotherapeutic outpatient clinic for students (PAS) is open to all students of the University of Göttingen with its offers.

Psychosocial counseling by the Studentenwerk
"Do not be afraid to seek professional help with personal and study-related problems. It is a sign of sovereignty to get the support you need."

Corporate addiction prevention and addiction support

  • advises and supports executive personnel in dealing with conspicuous employees
  • provides information and assistance in guiding measures according to the principles of the service agreement on addiction prevention and addiction support
  • informs and advises about addiction, addictive behavior or dealing with addicted people in a work team or in the family or circle of friends