City lab: Ways to a colonial-critical city (05/2023 - 07/2024)

The „Stadtlabor: Wege zur kolonialkritischen Stadt“ will provide space for exchange and the collaborative exploration and development of paths to a city critical of colonialism in Göttingen over the next 12 months. The project aims to gather perspectives, network knowledge and shape commemoration.
In addition to the reappraisal of local colonial history, the project also aims to make anti-colonial resistance and colonial continuities more visible up to the present. All residents of Göttingen are invited to get involved and participate.

Call for collections for an open archive
With the help of a joint search for objects, documents and other contemporary testimonies, an open archive will be established in which we can collect and retell stories together that are currently lying in drawers in attics and basements. We are especially interested in historical traces and biographies of people from formerly colonized areas and in anti-colonial resistance in Göttingen in the past and present.
If you would like to contribute to the open archive or have any tips, please feel free to contact

The project Stadtlabor is funded by the program "zukunft.niedersachsen" of the Ministry of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony.