Taking control of your writing (GSGG/GFA) in Präsenz

Trainer: David Kreitz
Datum: Monday, September 2, 2024, 9am-5 pm
Ort: Konferenzraum der GSGG, Friedländer Weg 2, 37085 Göttingen

max. 12 participants

No credits are awarded for this course.

After our one day workshop, all participants are eligible to a 30 min writing consultation as part of the workshop.

Organized by GSGG and GFA

Taking control of your writing

We all want to be productive writers. But because everyone writes differently, the first step towards productivity is to know yourself as a writer. To take control of your writing, you need to make tacit knowledge explicit and turn it into conscious working habits.

Therefore, you need to

- Know the writing process: in general, and your own.
- Track your writing: what do you actually do when you write?
- Optimize your writing: know what not to do anymore, and what to do instead!

The workshop is thus centered around writing process management, reflecting on writing experiences, improving your writing strategies, and controlling the quality of your text production.

To achieve this, we will have input, discussion and feedback, we will analyze your writing and apply different writing strategies. All exercises are straight hands-on approaches to reflect on intellectual craftsmanship or producing texts that can (with a little effort) be directly used for the thesis or other PhD-related projects.

Please note: this workshop is not an English for Academic Purposes language class, nevertheless we will deal with stylistic features of academic prose.